Vintage ‘apple’ – Simplicity 6870

This 1966 dress is made from a slippery apple green fabric from the remnant bin at Pitt Trading. Pitt Trading had a $20 garbage remnant fabric bin bag sale earlier this year and this fabric was one of the pieces from this sale so I thought this would be useful evening fabric to test out.

I don’t use silky fabric often but because we have a few family functions this year I thought it would be handy to have a couple of options so that I don’t groan: “I have nothing to wear“.

This pattern is a size 18 so with my wacky maths brain I checked the tissue pattern against me and decided to make it as is. My back up idea was that I could take out any fullness from the side seams if it was way too big.
The sleeve length is bracelet length and the front gathers were not that difficult to achieve but I did as instructed because I wanted to see how full the gathers were. And they’re not that full.
The pattern does state that the back darts are optional so I did a sway back adjustment and added in the back darts. I also decided to make the tie in case it would be useful for future styling. I’m guessing so if it doesn’t work it’s no great loss of time or effort.

I’d be interested to try the top/skirt combination next try.

Today Mum tried on her new gear before everyone arrived for lunch. The skirts are now shorter and only one of the tops has had a neckline change. So she’s happy with her new Easter clothes. Well today is Greek Easter so I’m technically on time. Yes we had lamb on the spit with all the Easter trimmings – red eggs, pastichio, cheese triangles, eggplant dip, bbq chicken and lamb skewers and a buffet of desserts. And we had an Easter egg hunt in the backyard – for chocolate Easter eggs.


  1. I remember that pattern! I made it back in 66. I was around 14. I got the fabric a J.C. Penney – that was back when department stores had a fabric area – a long time ago. Thanks for that trip down memory lane.


  2. I love this dress. The colour is great on you and it's very flattering. I love that you styled it with pinky red beads. I have a soft spot for this green.


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