#MMMay wk1

Now at 307 participants, #MMMay14 is certainly underway.

This week I stuck to sorting out my ‘after work’ clothes. This week’s bag to charity has 5 pieces from my wardrobe included Day 4’s top.

Day 1: Kwik sew 2694 and eyelet pants similar to Simplicity 2503.

Day 2: Duathlon shorts for 6am bike class. The morning is now a bit chilly so I’ll be wearing my longs for outdoor sessions. That also includes cycling.

Day 3: Jalie jeans, Kwik Sew 3567 top, Minoru shower proof jacket and Presido purse. The weather got a lot cooler today and it was wet when I left in the morning.

Day 4: ‘May the force be with you’ because I’m pooped.
RTW jeans slimmed down by moi, Vogue 7610 jacket, Kwik Sew 3567 and my urban Presidio purse.

I used a panel print for the top but it looks kinda daggy and the fabric doesn’t feel nice. What in the ‘Phantom Menace’ was I thinking when I bought it. I was aiming for a Sci fi look but I came out grunge instead.


Cinnamon Cream Oyster cakes

Tosca cake

I thought you might like the Me Made desserts first. I love to bake for special occasions and the recipes are on my food blog.

Here’s my church outfit for a cool Sunday morning on Day 19.
Shirt – Butterick shirt with Pattern Magic double collar
Reversable jacket – Made in 2011

By the afternoon, I took the little ones to the park to kick around a ball. Thanks Amy for taking this pic.
Skinny jeans – Vogue 1204 This wool blend fabric is perfect for cooler weather.

Here’s Mum in a Me-Made fleece fully lined Burda 7749 coat and Me-made lined self-drafted skirt, off to church. I think I should make another jacket for Mum this season. 

Then Day 20 at work I rugged up for work and Jeanne took this shot.
Top – Jalie 2921 scarf top
Navy wrap – Simplicity 2603 wrap
Jacket – McCalls 6292 snakeskin trimmed jacket
Trousers – Burda 7746 lined trousers

Day 21 is an after work pic. I made this wool skirt many years ago with a double-breasted jacket and a short skirt too. The fabric was given to me by an aunt from overseas so it took me some time to cut into it and I will always keep it as a memory of her and that visit.
Sandwich bolero from 2011. This is a good travel piece.
Top – Kwik Sew 3740
Skirt –  never blogged. That’s how long ago I made it.

Pattern tests

Hooly dooly. I’m all pattern tested out.
Kwik Sew 2694:
The test fabric is a bolt of poly knit from Tessutis that is see through but if this works, I’ll line the bodice. I’ve used the overlocker and coverpro to sew this up in XL size. I’ve also used seams great for the shoulder seams.

McCalls 6247 View B:
Same test fabric and I’ve used size 14 but added to the width of the front and back bodice pieces. The neckband was a new skill for me and it worked. I’ve used seams great for the shoulder seam stability and I’ve cover proed the hems.

Butterick 4132 View E:
I bought this pattern yesterday at Spotlight (50% off) because I didn’t have a size that suited mum’s measurement and I can’t waste time adjusting my existing patterns.

Here’s where I overlayed the two tops to check the cowl depth against the McCalls v-neckline.

This fabric is also a test fabric and I really do like it for formal occasions. I bought it from the fabric place that was at Burwood but closed down last year. It has a crushed look to it. I’ve used steam a seam lite2 for the hems and french seam finishes.The skirt is a test and no pattern used, just the fabric width, waistline casing for 30mm width elastic and overlocked hems, for now.

Kwik Sew 3003:
Here’s a bias skirt with elastic waist that will work for the bronze woven skirt. I’ve used a suiting fabric and lined it with chiffon. The seams are overlocked and 30mm non-roll elastic was used in the waistband. Using steam a seam lite2 for the hem and a twin needle made this an easy skirt to neatly finish.

Below is a rough combo check.

That’s it until we do the first fitting. My crash test dummy isn’t as wide as mum so I can’t just finish these items off without checking. Then I can update the patterns and finish off Mum’s combos next weekend. At least I’ve learnt how to construct these new patterns.

Future patterns
I also bought Kwik Sew 3659 for the cowl and neck tie versions and

Butterick 3886 for a blouse and cardi for her.

Mum is definitely a Kwik Sew size 16 but my height so I’m getting used to doing her fit adjustments.

While looking at the pattern books for Mum, I felt like a real geek because I was doing a PR review check for each pattern for technique issues and fit problems. There weren’t that many using these style but the reviews that were there were truly helpful reviews.

Sandwich bolero

MMM12 Day 21: This simple bolero style takes less than an hour to cut and make up. In the office it gets cold in the afternoons so I need something to keep the cold off my shoulders.

The fabric was a remnant from Adelaide in January and I didn’t want to waste it so it’s now another layer for the colder months ahead.The sandwich reference is because you fold the fabric into quarters and then cut the arm shape. Sewing steps are to then sew up the sleeve seams, then finish off the neckline and sleeve hem, if it’s necessary.

Topper: Sew Stylish bolero Spring 2007 I’ve since made the sleeves skinnier but kept the sleeve length.
Top: Kwik sew 2694 View A. Here’s a black version and a bunch of other versions.
Skirt: McCalls 8972. Here’s another red slub version or a denim version.

MMM12 Day 22:

Jacket: Lincraft jacket. Lincraft (1082) zipper jacket made from a double knit and fully interfaced with textureweft to keep it’s shape. Previously seen on Day 14.
Skirt: Butterick 3597.  I’ve now taken out 5cm from the centre back seam so it’s more straight skirt than a-line skirt.
MMM12 Day 23:
Jacket: You saw this jacket on Day 4.
Blouse: Vogue 8118 in silk.
Skirt: Vogue 8426 kick pleat skirt. I’ve taken 5cm out of the side seam but I now need to adjust the centre back hem.
June project list:
Computer bag McCalls 6410
Gloves Butterick 5695
Jacket for Mum Kwik Sew 3716
Update the fit of 2 jackets
1912 ladies spring mantle
I’ve already started on the glove toile so I’ll keep you updated on how these turn out.

Print top – KS 2694

The night before our Easter lunch I read the weather was going to be good (25celsius) so eventhough we’re about to go into the colder months, I wanted to wear my RTW white jeans just one more time.

I had traced out this top pattern for Mum in a large but I decided to do a small in view B for myself, while I had the pattern out. The print does repeat but I bought so much of it I decided to cut and sew this quickly to check the fit. 
The centre back is normally cut on the fold but because of my sway back, I cut it down the centre back and took 2.5 cm out of the centre back at the waist. This pattern had previously had the roll shoulder adjustment so using the overlocker and Cover Pro I was able to get this pattern to work out. I’ve used Seams great on the shoulder seams.

The print is actually red and dark blue. At night I couldn’t see the blue because it looked black. I think this fabric was a Spotlight special. Today it’s raining buckets so my timing for this top was perfect. 

Mum’s tops

Since we last spoke, I’ve managed to get these 3 tops made. They are Kwik Sew and they were quick to sew and once I iron them, Mum will try these on tomorrow. Each of these tops were sewn with the overlocker and cover pro. The shoulder seams are reinforced with ‘Seams Great’. Each piece was prewashed and can be machine washed.

This is KS 2683 boat neckline. This was the second version I made from the beige cotton knit. I’m showing this top first because I’m undecided on it. Mum will tell me the truth tomorrow.
The base fabric has the natural cotton flecs in it and spandex and it’s a regular item at The Remnant Warehouse. The sleeves have a textured beige fabric that I bought in Adelaide in January and I think they still need to be shortened. I already took 2″ off the hem.
She wears boat neck tops but I need to check the fit. It seems really big but I’ve checked the final width to her measurements and they match. Fingers crossed.

Here’s the first top I made KS2694 view A. The night I cut this out, I sewed up the shoulder seams and then my mind became foggy so I slowly stepped away from the sewing machine because I could feel a mistake coming on. The next day I found the construction process was much clearer and no unpicker was harmed during construction.

Here’s the final KS2694 in a print from Knitwit. This top is my favourite. The fabric is a poly/spandex mix and it’s easy to sew and feels very soft. I know that the ‘rule on prints’ is to use small prints for short people but as this print is fairly open and I liked how the print seems to flow without being too overwhelming.

Thank you for your vintage dress comments.
I agree Caroline, Renata and Carol that a pattern that’s 30 years old can’t be classed as vintage especially if we’ve worn this pattern in the past however I love watching how the next generation gets excited about it and then restyles it.
Carol may be right saying there could be a limited dress styles. 
I was feeling very air hostess when I added the colour toned scarf Sue.

There’s one more vintage dress to come.
Now to get back to cooking for tomorrow’s lunch.

black knit top – kwik sew 2694

On Saturday while my sewing buddies were over, I took out my swap pieces and asked for their opinion on how my SWAP plan was going. The main comment I got was the china print skirt only needed a black knit top.

At the January Pitt Trading sale, I bought this black poly knit as a ‘just in case’ piece.

Here’s how it worked out.

I made sure my face was taken out of this shot because I was really pooped last night when DH took this pic.

Tech note: Sway back, full bust adjustment, neckline gaposis, shortened shoulder length, shortened sleeve, FOE.

Swap tally – The next piece is a basic black skirt (fully lined, zipper, no waistband) that’s 1/3 of the way through. I just realised that this will be the final piece.
I’ll go back to the purple pieces once the skirt is done so I can but the black out of my sight, just for now.