Me-Made-May ’13

‘I, Velosewer of, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’13. I endeavour to wear 2 made me pieces each day for the duration of May 2013.’

I hope to achieve a bit more than that in this year’s challenge, I’ll make sure I do a weekly post of Velo-made collection.

Now do I include some jungle prints this year? Most probably.
Will I panic sew? Possibly

After making connections with some great local and overseas sewing bloggers last year, I know participating this year is worth the effort.

Back to normal sewing mode.

MMM12 final day

Hi all. This is my last Made-me-May 2012 post!!!! You’ll find 184 of us with our daily Made-me collections.

Thank you to Zo in German, Greek and English, for organising this challenge.
Claudine was the Friday photo challenge facilitator and Gillian came up with the last day ‘thank you’ pic idea.
Sharon’s been very motivating, as she always is. Meeting Michelle and Janelle in person was wonderful. Gabrielle is another local that I’ve met virtually and hopefully will meet one day.

Top: Kwik Sew 2694 View A
Skirt: McCalls 8972.

Seeing others across the globe, with their made-me outfits has been like taking a virtual sewing holiday. There are definitely more places I want to visit – countries I haven’t been to yet and places I’ve already been to.

Following sewers on this challenge and seeing their styles and skills has been the highlight. Seeing their point of view on a similar day/item is what I’ll remember and go back to when I need a ‘new’ perspective on a tried and true pattern or idea. I’m definitely going to follow a lot more people now.

Today’s also the last day of managing the Natural Fibres Contest on PR. At the moment there are 59 participants and 45 entries so that’s a good outcome.

An evolving jacket

This is a jacket McCalls 5714 I made last year but I felt it did need to be toned down a bit so I could wear it more often this winter.

I cut off the sleeve flounces; added straighter sleeves; added a button and piped the new pockets. The idea had merit, the outcome didn’t.

So I changed the pockets one more time. This is a plain square that I’ve eased in at the base so the pockets have similar gathers to the yoke.

The pockets are there but I think they’ve blended in better. Below is how I wore it yesterday when we went out for quick bit to eat in the cold wet weather. I love my waterproof boots bought in Portland last year. BTW the bike print on the crash test dummy is a sample I’m thinking of purchasing from Addicted to Fabric for something.

MMM12 Day 24

Cardi: Knitwit printed fabric with grey piping and snaps in M5978
Top: Grey knot top
Skirt: Grey woollen suiting straight skirt using McCalls 9356. This was the last piece of fabric from my aunt. The matching jacket is double breasted and needs adjusting.
MMM’12 May 25
Jacket: Linen brown jacket. The real matching jacket is long enough to be a coat and definitely needs adjusting.
Top: Here’s on of the new top Kwik sew 3740.
Skirt: This is a straight skirt made from a Home Yardage fabric woollen that’s still as stiff as the day I bought it. I’ve used McCalls 9356 as the sloper.
Location: Parramatta River. I wouldn’t fish here like the people in the background.
Every morning I find something that needs adjusting so in between the planned projects, these jackets will be unpicked (ugh) and adjusted. I’ve managed to keep up with the skirts that need adjusting. I’m getting quicker at ripping out the back zip and putting it back in again.

MMM12 day 16

Today it was nice to take a sewing break, so I wore this two piece made-me outfit that I made last year. The fabric was from and the top is based on Butterick 5247
Wearing all navy is easiest when I’m feeling pooped.
Holding a jar of made-me peach jam made me feel more comfortable. Strange take on comfort food…

So at the end of the day, I head out for a bit of mid-week food shopping.
The top is what I wore to work. Fau paux #1.
Fau paux #2 – wearing double denim. The jalie jeans that I wore on day 5 and a toile denim jacket (Vogue 7764) that I decided to finish and keep as a weekend jacket.

Cowl neckline – Kwik Sew 3740

This top is as simple as it gets but it’s fabulous for mid-season layering.

I trialled this top last week in a yellow/white rib knit so the top was easy to make up again. Rib knits are a challenge if you’re making a full garment, because they continue to streeeetch…

I’ve done a bit of ‘extreme sewing’.

 This fabric is like ruffle fabric, except the pieces are not quiet ruffle.

What you can see is the base fabric is fairly see through, so I’ve lined this top with cream coloured tricot knit. I actually applied the lining layer after making the top but before finishing the hems. The tricot is sewn into the hem edge and because the additional layer makes this fabric heavier, the hem can be a smaller width. I’ve used the selvage as the sleeve finish.

I’ve chosen this as a mid-season top because I’m trying to avoid black, if I have the option. Now I do.

 This pattern is now a TNT pattern. 
Here is the brown spot print knit version.

 This is the purple print knit and that’s it for my mini-collection. Time for a break.
And below is today’s MMM12 outfit.

Cardi – Simplicity 2603 burgundy rayon knitDress – Vogue 8379. I’ve used the burgundy rayon as a sleeve cuff on the striped dress.
It was too cold to take this pic outside this morning.

Ugly location

Today’s MMM’12 photo challenge was an ugly location. Bins are ugly so here are a stack of them.

Dress: Simplicity 8914 is a 70s vintage pattern. The fabric is also vintage, from someone’s stash that I purchased at Pitt Trading.
Cardi: I made this cardi McCalls 5978 after making a shirtmaker dress last year. The trim is overlocked with red thread. I’ve made this in a red print before. No mug today.

Seriously, normal people don’t pose in front of bins. Do they?

Jeans progress

Kenneth King’s Jean-ius online course has been great to learn from and I haven’t gotten through the whole class yet. I would love to go to a live Kenneth King class one day, if I can manage book into a class and then flying across for it! The online course will do for now. I have already made these Jalie jeans but I joined the course to learn more about making jeans and getting the fit right. Below is a progress pic as I’m making these jeans again for the Best of patterns contest on PR.

The fabric has a fine pinstripe with a darkish brown face. I call this a ‘nothing’ colour. The topstitching thread is a bone-cream colour. The pockets are lined with the fabric I used on the first vintage halter dress I made this year.
The main change I made was on the back leg, at the crotch line. There were lines at the base of the butt that I thought I could eliminate. The lines not the butt.

Last night DH wanted to eat out, so I decided to get changed into another MMM knit dress. This is a top pattern (McCalls 8777) extended to dress length in 2008.

Today’s mug was given to me by a friend, when I was trying to settle into a new job. It has a mother duck saying to her ducklings ‘Make it look easy but underneath paddle like hell’. Inside the mug is ‘Keep on paddling’.

Today’s MMM’12 outfit is this grey top Butterick 5283. It’s a long sleeved layer that suits the office. I normally wear a layer underneath when it gets cold. Today I’ve got a short sleeve cotton tee underneath. The lined skirt is Butterick 3597. The military jacket is Vogue 7764. I’ve only reviewed this pattern in pink version.