Cowl neckline – Kwik Sew 3740

This top is as simple as it gets but it’s fabulous for mid-season layering.

I trialled this top last week in a yellow/white rib knit so the top was easy to make up again. Rib knits are a challenge if you’re making a full garment, because they continue to streeeetch…

I’ve done a bit of ‘extreme sewing’.

 This fabric is like ruffle fabric, except the pieces are not quiet ruffle.

What you can see is the base fabric is fairly see through, so I’ve lined this top with cream coloured tricot knit. I actually applied the lining layer after making the top but before finishing the hems. The tricot is sewn into the hem edge and because the additional layer makes this fabric heavier, the hem can be a smaller width. I’ve used the selvage as the sleeve finish.

I’ve chosen this as a mid-season top because I’m trying to avoid black, if I have the option. Now I do.

 This pattern is now a TNT pattern. 
Here is the brown spot print knit version.

 This is the purple print knit and that’s it for my mini-collection. Time for a break.
And below is today’s MMM12 outfit.

Cardi – Simplicity 2603 burgundy rayon knitDress – Vogue 8379. I’ve used the burgundy rayon as a sleeve cuff on the striped dress.
It was too cold to take this pic outside this morning.


  1. You do keep getting better. How big is your wardrobe (where you hang everything)? I would hate to have to pick a favourite. Nice work.


  2. I love your terrific tops, the ruffle type fabric one really takes my fancy. I somehow have no cowl top patterns, but am suddenly thinking I need to fix this problem.The drape of your collars is just right in all the different fabrics, very nice.


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