Dragon boat festival mug

A while ago, I spent 4 summers involved in a dragon boat team – today’s featured mug. By the end of each summer there was always at least a two couples that got married and today they have their own families. Team sport is not only about fitness…

Today’s outfit is much more comfortable than yesterday. I was just aching to get out of those woollen trousers (they’re screaming to be lined).
The dress is McCalls 5752. I think the hem needs to be raised. I’ve also made this in an animal print. Both dresses were adjusted for fit last year because they’re both 2 years old.
The navy wrap is Simplicity 2603. The netting edges are not finished so this pattern was a breeze to complete. I made an earlier burgundy wrap that you’ll see soon. And I have a brown version in the pipeline.

Jalie jeans update: This morning I’ve prepared the centre front and tonight I’ll put in the zipper. Here’s the first Jalie jeans I’ve made. This version will have all the top stitching. My plan is to have a top and wrap to go together.


  1. Two nice outfits in the last couple of days. We do have lots of ABC stores here for your shopping pleasure! Fun to see you have a little piece of HI in your hands.


  2. That is such a stylish and elegant outfit. I really love the matching coat/cardigan you are wearing over the top, really finishes the ensemble beautifully!


  3. Dragon boating sounds so fun! I've always wanted to see it in action. We missed the festival here last year because it was too hot to manage the kids and the parking.

    I have the back yokes and all pockets ready for topstitching on my jeans. I started using some thread and it was too thick and my machine protested and kindly asked me to go buy something else. It's funny how our intentions sometimes end up. Good luck on yours! I'm sure they will be fabulous.


  4. Hi Emadethis.
    As an alternative to troublesome topstitching thread, I've used two normal threads through the needle for a similar effect. It's not the same but the stitching does show up.

    If you ever get a chance to dragon boat on a hot summer's day, it's the best way to cool off. And the feeling last for quite some time. I do miss it.


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