An evolving jacket

This is a jacket McCalls 5714 I made last year but I felt it did need to be toned down a bit so I could wear it more often this winter.

I cut off the sleeve flounces; added straighter sleeves; added a button and piped the new pockets. The idea had merit, the outcome didn’t.

So I changed the pockets one more time. This is a plain square that I’ve eased in at the base so the pockets have similar gathers to the yoke.

The pockets are there but I think they’ve blended in better. Below is how I wore it yesterday when we went out for quick bit to eat in the cold wet weather. I love my waterproof boots bought in Portland last year. BTW the bike print on the crash test dummy is a sample I’m thinking of purchasing from Addicted to Fabric for something.

MMM12 Day 24

Cardi: Knitwit printed fabric with grey piping and snaps in M5978
Top: Grey knot top
Skirt: Grey woollen suiting straight skirt using McCalls 9356. This was the last piece of fabric from my aunt. The matching jacket is double breasted and needs adjusting.
MMM’12 May 25
Jacket: Linen brown jacket. The real matching jacket is long enough to be a coat and definitely needs adjusting.
Top: Here’s on of the new top Kwik sew 3740.
Skirt: This is a straight skirt made from a Home Yardage fabric woollen that’s still as stiff as the day I bought it. I’ve used McCalls 9356 as the sloper.
Location: Parramatta River. I wouldn’t fish here like the people in the background.
Every morning I find something that needs adjusting so in between the planned projects, these jackets will be unpicked (ugh) and adjusted. I’ve managed to keep up with the skirts that need adjusting. I’m getting quicker at ripping out the back zip and putting it back in again.

One comment

  1. Great outfits and I like 5714 much better without the bell sleeves we are too short for that sort of large detail.

    This would be your first season for the new you for cold weather, so unfortunately I can see a lot more adjusting, you are so proficient at it is amazes me.


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