Dress test – B5638

Clothing boredom makes me sew and then I cull my wardrobe for charity so here’s my new dress pattern test. The cool weather is beginning to hit in the morning so this pattern was my first attempt while it was still warm.

The quilting fabric was from Spotlight at $4/m. Getting the fit right is always a challenge so again, I used this version to get the fit right. So I did a sway back adjustment, roll shoulder adjustment and I used size 10 on the top and size 12 on the bottom. The dress is meant to be worn with a belt. Note to self: use the rest of the fabric for a belt.

At our Alexandria session I didn’t wear this for the girls to check, ’cause they would have had to wear their sunnies to help me. Angie pinned this version closer to my body so I need to use 8 size for the top and 10 size for the bottom. This a reminder to self so I don’t waste time resewing or unpicking. I also brought in the sleeve hem in by 2.5cm/1″ as well as reduced the sleeve to neck edge by 2.5cm/1″. This pattern has been ‘petited‘ (sorry for my bad French/English). 
Looking at the spider webs in the garden.
A ‘not-so’ invisible zip.
I picked this style because it has princess lines and this style could be adopted for some simple colour blocking or mixing fabrics ie wool and leather like I’ve seen a few of you make during the northern winter (Amanda S and Carolyn). Very inspiring.
I’ve added a darker green trim to show where the leather pieces could be placed. The bias trim on the neckline and armholes and the trim were hand sewn. There’s a bit of pulling at the top of the neckline that I’ll release on the pattern for the next dress.
The 60’s tunic is being constructed as we speak…


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