Vintage halter #2

The changes from the first halter dress were made to this version. Basically all the adjustments made to cater for my size were removed. Maybe a refresher Maths class might help me…

This fabric was meant for weekend pants but I thought the plaid lines would be better used (less blocky) for this dress. In reality, I only tried to match the lines on the bust but the lines matched most of the way around the dress.

The pattern doesn’t have bias trim under the bust, that’s just my adjustment to play with the fabric lines. Nuts huh?

Nuts and bolts:
I used the normal sewing foot, a walking foot, a hemming foot and a basic zipper foot as well as the coverpro machine for the hem.
One of the last construction steps is to sew in a zipper and I swear this is a very smart move because you can really get the bodice fit right (no tears).
And I’m also getting better at using the ‘fast turner’ tool for straps.

Next is a 60’s tunic dress.

The pattern pieces were all in the pack, precut and used but they’re all there.
I’ve got a medium weight fabric that will work and I’ll source a zipper – if not from my stash – at the Remnant Fabric warehouse on Saturday.
At this stage, self cover buttons are my preference.
I’ve not made pockets but I’ll give them a crack for this dress.


  1. Such a pretty halter dress. I went to Joanns for one of those fast turner tool for straps and found it… got to the cash register and the line was insane. So I didn't get… hopefully next time.


  2. So pretty! Lovely color and style.
    I haven't tried the “fast turner” because I'm always suspicious of gadgets. But anything would be an improvement on the safety pin method (:


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