Modern mending book review

Modern Mending by Erin Lewis-Fitzgerald

This mending book is written by an Aussie so I’m pleased to find a mending book that has Australian stats about the amount of waste experienced in our neck of the woods. I borrowed this book from my local library and was happy to see this book was published in 2020.

Erin’s journalist background has made her book easy to read, learn from and refer to for a stack of hand stitching mending ideas. She’s a clothes-mending practitioner and her mending work has been displayed in art exhibitions in Melbourne and Adelaide.

I’m really pleased Erin has referred readers to follow #visiblemending online.

So what information is in Modern Mending?

Modern Mending has the basics such as the reasons to mend, Techniques, Case Studies and Modern Menders to be inspired by.

I think the value with this book is Erin has included over 120 technique pages with clear photos and instructions. Stitching, patching, darning, needle felting, machine darning and everything about buttons, zippers, ladders and snags are included in the technique pages.

The mending kit message is simple, use what you have as a starting point.

The case studies chapter has over 60 pages of cases to see how you can apply these techniques for a variety of clothes. That’s a great range of cases to have access to when you’re starting your mending journey.

The modern menders listed are all new menders to me and they’ve all got their unique style, again inspiring menders to push their creative talents as they mend.

For newbie menders, Erin recommends starting mending by using a travel sewing kit is a good way to use the resources you have available to you. This is a suggestion you’ll find from many people who mend and who have started mending. I keep a small travel sewing kit in my everyday bag in case there’s a quick mend I need to do on the spot.

Erin’s mending message is definitely getting out there with her contacts at the ABC. Hilary Harper of ABC RN, Life Matters presenter is a born-again mender and she wrote the foreword for Erin’s book.

If hand sewing is the only crafting skill you have, use it while learning to mend as you tackle the new skills Erin includes in Modern Mending.

You can hear more about visible mending on my podcast Sew Organised Style with instagram menders like Kate Sekules of visible mend, Kate of Zen Stitching, Katrine of Mending Mayhem, Sue Stoney and many others in the online sewing community

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