Hardworking Cerise

It was a few years ago that I tweaked Burda 7746 for better fitted trousers. This time I chose to use this medium weight cotton drill fabric for these very bold trousers.

The colour is a ‘dark’ pink. I tend to wear dark solid colours in skirts and trousers and yes, the aim was to match the shirt I made last month.

Burda 7749 trousers with New Look 6407 shirt

The fabric is a medium weight cotton drill. There are 13 colours to choose from and this Cerise Pink is a classic colour that really caught my eye.

This was the colour that helped me choose the shirt fabric colour. They’re a bit different and yet they work together.

My work wardrobe has become more work from home friendly. That’s because I’ve been working from home.

What I did realise was my shape has changed since I tweaked this pattern in 2017.

The beauty of sewing your own clothes is that you have to accept your shape and sew to fit your current shape. There’s a bit more booty and I was able to adjust this pattern to accommodate it.

I do tend to wear shirts and blouses out rather than tucked in. When the booty changes, my sway back becomes more prominent and that’s just what happens.

Yes. Pockets are a must in everything I wear. These pocket bag on this pattern has a dart so they fit well on my waist. They’re shapely.

The front of these trousers don’t have darts so I love keeping this trouser pattern, because of this feature.

The cool thing with these trousers is that they are 100% cotton. The fabric breathes really well.

Being 100% cotton also means these trousers do need ironing. What is great is that this shirt covers the sitting creases that are a fact of sitting at a desk.

This colour is really uplifting and that’s so important right now. I’m really looking forward to working with my colleagues and adding some joy to my previous dark and dreary office clothes.

Oh and I’ve also taken the remnant of this shirt and added them for some of the finishing touches for these trousers. I’m really pleased that I could use the shirt fabric to add some cute finishes inside these trousers. That’s another fun aspect about making your own clothes. They can reflect who you are both on the inside and on the outside.

What you’ll see is that I’ve overlocked most of the trouser seams in white thread. The weight of this fabric allows you to overlock the seam edges and the extra stitching doesn’t show up when you iron or wear these trousers. I overlocked these edges because these trousers are going to be worn quite a bit and overlocking the seams means I can throw these trousers in the wash. Then I can dry them in the Australian sun and give them a good press and they’re ready to go.

Getting the size right is one part of getting trousers to fit you. The other part is making sure you know where your curves are and you cater to those curves with the pattern you’re working with.

This pattern needs a bit more work if when I make it again with a medium weight woven fabric again. Right now this pattern is perfect for a softer crepe weave fabric.

I’m really pleased that I could make a few new work pieces that I can wear both at the home office and at the ‘real’ office, when we go back again.

Thanks again Minerva.

Postscript: I first made these trousers in 2012.

Post sponsored by Minerva

You’ll definitely find this post and more on my Minerva Brand Ambassador page. I love sewing for Minerva and sharing my makes with you.

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