Lovely fabric remnants can’t go to waste, hence this silver/lace frock using White Tree fabrics

I don’t have unfinished objects (UFOs) but I do have ‘fabrics in waiting’. There are ‘notions in waiting’ which accounts for why some of my clothes don’t have the same lining colour or exact matching zipper.

I’ve used Simplicity 1425 again as a dress. At some point I’ll used Simplicity 1425 as a top. I love using this top as a dress at the moment. It’s a lovely Summer style.

There wasn’t a ‘balanced piece’ of lace left so the back of this dress is bare – needs ironing.

There was plenty of silver fabric to make a dress but only a variety of odd shaped lace pieces for this dress. I used all of this lace that I had for the earlier Karen Millen style dress

This silver/lace dress is inspired by her work. So the lace balancing work is on the front of the dress.

The back has no lace because I didn’t have enough lace to balance the overlay without it looking ‘unfinished’.

There was a bit of hand sewing involved. I used this hand sewing time to decide if adding odd bits of lace on the back was worth it or just an exercise in ‘bad design’ taste. The conservative side of me won on this occasion.

This little silver number is fully lined and needs to be because the silver fabric feels rough. The smoothness of the lining makes this dress easy to wear. I was very delicate with ironing both fabrics because they don’t need much heat and I don’t want to melt anything. This may be a ‘dry clean only’ dress. Off to the press it goes:)

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