Lovely fabric remnants can't go to waste, hence this silver/lace frock using White Tree fabrics. I don’t have unfinished objects (UFOs) but I do have ‘fabrics in waiting’. There are ‘notions in waiting’ which accounts for why some of my clothes don’t have the same lining colour or exact matching zipper.I've used Simplicity 1425 again as … Continue reading Shimmer

Accessory wardrobe challenge pieces

While 'winter is coming' I've made a couple of pieces for the Accessory Wardrobe Challenge on Pattern Review.These sandals are the inspiration.You've seen this peplum in a blue Cue version and a purple eyelet version.The fabric is rust bling georgette and I've used ties on the sleeve to reflect the straps on the sandals and kept the peplum to it's original length … Continue reading Accessory wardrobe challenge pieces