Accessory wardrobe challenge pieces

While ‘winter is coming’ I’ve made a couple of pieces for the Accessory Wardrobe Challenge on Pattern Review.

These sandals are the inspiration.
You’ve seen this peplum in a blue Cue version and a purple eyelet version.

The fabric is rust bling georgette and I’ve used ties on the sleeve to reflect the straps on the sandals and kept the peplum to it’s original length using Vogue 8815.

This reddish top has a red gold tinge to it and I will pair this with my Lily skirt or jeans.

That’s my sewing room. Happy Mothers Day.
This top is paired with my pleather jacket
McCalls 6292 and Jalie jeans 2908.
The next top has lots of colours so I can see myself wearing this top in summer with dark shorts. New Look 6977 now out of print, has a simple knit top with small sleeve that takes a couple of hours to complete.
The print version below is the test top.

The instructions are handy and I’ve cover locked the hems with red thread.

The centre back seam makes this top easy to shape when you have to do a sway back. I’ve used leftover fabric and tried to keep the swirls and colours in the right order and balanced.

I’ve paired this top with Vogue 8774 jeans. This top works great with Jalie jeans 2908.

The last version using New Look 6977 is blinge-full using a remnant $10 of what was $50/m.

The beauty of this fabric is the bling is sewn on mesh backing in swirls. This meant I could cut into the fabric with paper scissors (and not blunting my fabric scissors) and use a simple straight stitch to construct this top. No hand stitching took place.

There were lots of bling bits on the carpet and they were easy to vacuum. The sewing machine needles didn’t break and I’ve cleaned the sewing machine and it’s humming along nicely.
This top is a feature piece so I can dress it up or down. No ironing needed and paired with jeans again. Jeans are my go-to staple on weekends.

Either way, these three pieces were inspired by the shoes and didn’t break my budget.
Catch up posts:
I owe you:
– another Avocado hoodie post;
– more on the Fifth Avenue dress and
– MMM13 posts to finish.

I’ll be sewing LN’s white faux fur coat for her birthday while I get these post to you.

I told Mr V how much you all enjoyed his hoodie and he blushed in appreciation. TJ, he is very professor-like with a rugby edge. Your cookie-fest meet up sounds like fun.
The family loved the Easter baking (flaounes) a lot.
Thanks BeaJay for the nomination.
Hope to see some of you on 18th May in Sydney too.


  1. Happy Mother's Day 🙂

    Love the way you've reflected the style of the sandals in the red top. And I'm such a magpie (I adore sequins), so I think your last top is a big winner!


  2. That is a killer outfit with the red leather jacket and I love the bling top. I am trying to find a few minutes here and there to complete my entry for the accessory comp, but it's not happening today! It will probably be last minute as usual 🙂


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