‘Allblack’ hoodie

This Avocado hoodie in allblack fleece was cut out and made in 3 hours. Yep 3 hours.

I had a deadline to remake this hoodie for Mari of Disparate Disciplines but I also had some baking to do on the same day…

Got all the ingredients for Easter baking and the mint was from the garden.

 …so I made this allblack version while I waited for the yeast to take effect in the dough.

The dough is now resting and I covered this with a blanket to stay warm. Now to get the hoodie cut and sewn.

 This allblack hoodie uses the just launched pattern.

DH wasn’t sure what I was up to that quiet Sunday afternoon so he stayed out of the way not wanting to get in the eye the baking and sewing storm that was brewing around me.

The dough has risen and is ready to use. The hoodie was finished by this stage.

The neckline is sewn a bit too wide (my mistake) so when I make this again, I’ll use a 1cm seam and not a 1.5cm seam. The neckline has a facing that I’ve cut back after finishing it so the facing doesn’t stick out when Mr V is dressing in a rush.

The first version below in blue is a closer fit using the test pattern and DH wears the first version a lot. This took 5 hours to make.

The real pattern has lots of instructions and illustrations so you can make this hoodie and know it’s been tested and retested. Mari has been very thorough and thoughtful in getting this pattern to work.

The pdf pattern uses stars to help piece the pattern together, which I found really helpful and I could use a table to assemble the pieces and not resort to working on the floor.

The sleeve thumb opening in this pattern is something I’ve seen in RTW but not sewn before. I like it.

Easter baking is done and the family was happy with this result.

I was curious to see how the next size up would work in a winter fabric with more winter weight underlayers so Mr V has two hoodies with two types of ease and for two seasons. And these fabrics were no more than $4/m at $8 a hoodie, it didn’t break the budget.

Now to get the allblack hoodie embroidered with his favourite rugby team’s logo.


  1. Great hoodie. Mr V is set and looks chuffed!

    I can just imagine you multi-tasking and managing everyone at the same time.

    Nice looking rolls too!


  2. ooh, nice hoodies. Man patterns are hard to come by. I love this post. I sew like this too – do that cutting out, knead the bread, stitch it up, form the loaves etc etc, how fun to see it all photographed together!


  3. Look you, running around all super efficient getting all kinds of stuff done (and really well too). Love it! Handsome fella you there too, rockin' his awesome hoodie(s) (although he should be in a tweed jacket with elbow patches-the hunting type) and smoking a bubble pipe (healthier) saying Professorial things.


  4. Hi. Just letting you know I have nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award. Some people love awards, some people don’t. Please don’t feel any pressure to participate. It is entirely up to you. Just my way of letting you know I enjoy your blog.


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