MMM’13 every where

I feel most comfortable around bolts of fabric, so back home I was at Metro Fabrics checking out their faux furs and their winter stock with the littlest niece (LN). Expect to see a white fur coat using Myimage patterns for her at the end of this month. This coat will be her birthday pressie. New challenge. New sewing deadline. Me-Made jumper, Me-MadeYalta top and Me-Made green jeans.

We were at Metro Fabrics for all of 15 minutes and LN kept hugging the faux furs. I would have done the same – if no one was looking.

The previous day I was catching the ferry to work in Perth before flying home that night in a me-made ponte dress. I came home for the weekend for Easter.

Dyeing fabric is a real skill as is colouring eggs. The red colour needed vinegar so the colour isn’t strong. The blue eggs had vinegar added to the dye. Huge colour difference.

We started the morning with a quiet local breakie, wearing a Jalie double outfit. Me-made Jalie criss cross top and me-made Jalie jeans before the big family ongoing lunch. 
Then Monday morning was a very early flight back to Perth wearing a me-made knit jacket (not blogged) and me-made vintage inspired (Mad Men maybe?) dress

This smocking sample about is something I did on the flight over using left over bobbin threads, a scrap of silk gingham inspired by the latest Threads magazine. So now I’m thinking do I go small and smock fancy patch pocket or go hard and do a bodice? Or smocking on long sleeves using silk?

I’m looking forward to a MMM13 meet up soon.


  1. Great outfits – love that Jalie cross over. Great smocking!!! Looking forward to seeing that come to life. And I would be hugging the fur – people watching or not!


  2. That's right, you're getting ready for winter. I love fall with all the temptations of lovely winter fabrics:)
    I say, be bold and smock the bodice. It'll be beautiful.


  3. Wow you have been busy and those Perth flights are a killer (for me anyway). Love all your outfits and I know I patted the fur at TRW quite a bit on Saturday 🙂


  4. The smocking looks very interesting, cannot wait to see where it is going to turn up soon! And don't worry, I think I would have been secretly hugging the furs a bit too 😉


  5. Lovely job on that smocking. Looks like you are ready for the real deal. By the way have a wonderful time in Oahu. And be sure to let me know when you are there! You are going to love Kaimuki Dry Goods.


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