MMM final post

Today’s a glorious autumn day for the last day of Me-Made May 2013 (red theme).

These poles located outside the main stadium have all the names of the volunteers who made the 2000 Sydney Olympics possible. I’m standing near my name listing.

My three me-mades are:
Silk blouse: Vogue 8118
Skirt: McCalls 8972 This link takes you to the red slub version.
Jacket: Simplicity 4698 also worn on Day 22.
Here is my set of MMM13 and the photography goes from mediocre to not that bad.

So that’s it for this year’s Me-Made May collection. Over 400 people participated this time so keeping up with everyone was the toughest part. Zo has run this again and done so well. The Friday themes organised by Claudine have been fun.

Meeting everyone in person especially the Perth meetup with CarolynS, Penny and Jenny as well as everyone online has been the best part of this challenge.

Almost there

We have mild winters but it does get cold here. This is the Brickpit Ring Walk at Sydney Olympic Park.
I’m wearing Me-made knit top from my pre blogging days and mustard skinny jeans Vogue 2014.
Here’s the archery area at Sydney Olympic Park and I’m channelling Wonder Woman.
Me-made navy wrap Simplicity 2603 and me-made knit dress Vogue 8379.

I made this little black dress Butterick 5314  when I was a larger size so I’ve used a belt.
The Jalie 2921 scarf top was made last year and I’ve crossed the scarf tie and knotted it behind my neck. I’m at Sydney Olympic Park again but it’s foggy. Who said Winter is coming?
These dark brown boots are all of $20 and it’s taken me a long time to wear them because they have lots of detailing but I’ll be wearing them a lot this winter.
This was the first pic I took so you could see how thick the fog was. That’s one of the light towers along the Olympic Boulevard (coming out of my head) and you can’t see the row of light towers behind it. That’s how foggy it was.

So the next day with lots more fog, I decided it was time to play with the exposure adjustments on my camera and this shows what I’m wearing better and you can still see how foggy it was.
This is a purple ponte dress Butterick 5676 I made last year and one of the first stretch woven shirts in taupe I made in my pre-blogging days. I love wearing my blue suede boots.
Two more MMM13 days to go…

Thank you for the comments on my hoodie. I’ll show you the smart casual version next and I’m working on a pair of longs for the gym. They won’t be as rad as Melissa’s but they’ll still fit well.

BTW, I only meant to tire myself out with the car tyre reference but I thought this did give you an idea of what we get up to at the gym in the morning. We’re a tight-knit group of crazies.

MMM this week

Day 22: Here’s a bit of purple and taupe. Purple is my favourite winter colour. It”s been cold outside and a bit wet so out come the boots!
Jacket – Simplicity 4698 jacket
Top – Purple winter top
Skirt -Straight skirt with split

Day 23: Moved into the brown/red combinations. Skirt –
Jacket – not blogged
Cardi – McCalls 5978 cardi
Top – self drafted bits and pieces top
Skirt – me made straight skirt not blogged

Day 24: At Sydney Olympic Park because I cycle train here. The rain eased up today but it was still cold this morning.
Jacket – Grey version of Vogue 7764. You’ve seen the pink version. This grey version was a test jacket.
Trousers – Made 2 years ago.
Top – Kwik Sew 3378 in red.

Day 25: With Sharon at sewing and we had a break from the wet weather too.
Hoodie: Avocado women’s hoodie (to be blogged next). Size 6 is the test version. I’ll make size 4 next. That’s why I test patterns and road test them where I can. You’ve seen the mens hoodie before.
Skinny jeans: Vogue 1204

Sewing bloggers also there included Kristy, BeaJay, Rebecca Howard, Sandra (aka Dilliander) and JudieL from PR. That ‘fractured cardi’ Sharon’s wearing is going to be the basis of a workshop a tutor will run for us later this year.

PS: Hi Penny


Cinnamon Cream Oyster cakes

Tosca cake

I thought you might like the Me Made desserts first. I love to bake for special occasions and the recipes are on my food blog.

Here’s my church outfit for a cool Sunday morning on Day 19.
Shirt – Butterick shirt with Pattern Magic double collar
Reversable jacket – Made in 2011

By the afternoon, I took the little ones to the park to kick around a ball. Thanks Amy for taking this pic.
Skinny jeans – Vogue 1204 This wool blend fabric is perfect for cooler weather.

Here’s Mum in a Me-Made fleece fully lined Burda 7749 coat and Me-made lined self-drafted skirt, off to church. I think I should make another jacket for Mum this season. 

Then Day 20 at work I rugged up for work and Jeanne took this shot.
Top – Jalie 2921 scarf top
Navy wrap – Simplicity 2603 wrap
Jacket – McCalls 6292 snakeskin trimmed jacket
Trousers – Burda 7746 lined trousers

Day 21 is an after work pic. I made this wool skirt many years ago with a double-breasted jacket and a short skirt too. The fabric was given to me by an aunt from overseas so it took me some time to cut into it and I will always keep it as a memory of her and that visit.
Sandwich bolero from 2011. This is a good travel piece.
Top – Kwik Sew 3740
Skirt –  never blogged. That’s how long ago I made it.

Birthday fun

It’s Sharon’s birthday today and we did an early morning photo shoot in town to a few places Gabrielle has featured in the Me-Made May posts. Happy Birthday Sharon and Hi Gabrielle!
Jalie jeans on both days. Minoru on Day 17 and me-made tops on both days. The hat was bought in 2009 at Camden Markets, London after a wonderful canal ride. Day 18’s top is a stripe top. The construction post is here because it’s kinda Anthropologie-like. The corduroy jeans jacket Vogue 7610 was made a long time ago.
The city is so quiet on a Saturday morning. We didn’t have too many people staring at us but it was fun. The construction workers played up to us too.

I’m wearing a lot more warm layers CarolynS, Jenny and Penny than I did in Perth last week. 

Thank you for the jacket compliments too. Now that I know I can make jackets after so many years of sewing them, taking the time to add detailing is very rewarding.

MMM13 week 2 and a Perth meet up

The week that just flew by had me flying east to west between offices. That rarely happens.

Day 7:
Me-made shirt Butterick 4985, Me-made cardi McCalls 5978 and Me-made skirt McCalls 8972
Day 8 totally excited:
Me-made dress (can’t find this post) and Me-made sandwich bolero
Day 9:
Me-made dress Butterick 5638 and Me-made jacket

And I got to meet up with Penny Hooper, Jenny (JenleeC) and CarolynS. We had a lot to talk about and only in one night. We still look as fresh as a daisy eventhough we were last to leave the resturant.
You’re all very special ladies and talented sewers! You made me feel more at home while working away from home and with such short notice for our meet up too.
Day 8 BTW: Me-made top and Me-made jeans.

Day 10 tired and heading back home:
Me-Made Jalie 2908 jeans, Me-made floral knit top, Me-made brown jacket.
Day 11:
Me-Made NewLook 6977 top, Me Made Jalie 2908 jeans.
Day 12:
Happy Mothers Day in my sewing room
Me-made pleather jacket McCalls 6292, Me-Made rust bling peplum Vogue 8815, Me-Made Jalie jeans.

MMM’13 every where

I feel most comfortable around bolts of fabric, so back home I was at Metro Fabrics checking out their faux furs and their winter stock with the littlest niece (LN). Expect to see a white fur coat using Myimage patterns for her at the end of this month. This coat will be her birthday pressie. New challenge. New sewing deadline. Me-Made jumper, Me-MadeYalta top and Me-Made green jeans.

We were at Metro Fabrics for all of 15 minutes and LN kept hugging the faux furs. I would have done the same – if no one was looking.

The previous day I was catching the ferry to work in Perth before flying home that night in a me-made ponte dress. I came home for the weekend for Easter.

Dyeing fabric is a real skill as is colouring eggs. The red colour needed vinegar so the colour isn’t strong. The blue eggs had vinegar added to the dye. Huge colour difference.

We started the morning with a quiet local breakie, wearing a Jalie double outfit. Me-made Jalie criss cross top and me-made Jalie jeans before the big family ongoing lunch. 
Then Monday morning was a very early flight back to Perth wearing a me-made knit jacket (not blogged) and me-made vintage inspired (Mad Men maybe?) dress

This smocking sample about is something I did on the flight over using left over bobbin threads, a scrap of silk gingham inspired by the latest Threads magazine. So now I’m thinking do I go small and smock fancy patch pocket or go hard and do a bodice? Or smocking on long sleeves using silk?

I’m looking forward to a MMM13 meet up soon.