See spot run

Or in my case run, jump, stretch, sweat, breathe, dodge mozzies, twist and hopefully not fall while running up stairs. Some morning workouts are far easier than others although I can’t think when this is ever the case.

I’ve used Fehr Trade XYT top and Steeplechase leggings with a few fabric stash pieces (#junglejanuary) and bit of fold over elastic on the top. The leggings has the built in pocket too.

Here’s the back view of this set in stretch mode with a bit of reflective tape piping on the top and reflective stickers I bought from Lightweights power reflectors last year.

The front view has no reflective bits. It’s quite Jungle January plain.

What I can say about the length of this top is when stretching or lifting weights above my head, my top is long enough that there’s not unsightly tummy flashing going on. Also because I’ve used the same fabric at the top of the leggings, nothing looks out of place.

See what I mean – no tummy flashing.

It’s the middle of Summer and I wear longs when I train because I prefer to have compression support for running etc. Believe me when I tell you wearing longs for outdoor training here doesn’t deter the local mozzies. They’re tough and will bite you through lycra.

Above were the original reflective stickers that fell off in the wash. I didn’t iron them on but I have for the second lot.

I’ve only used bits of the reflective tape piping I bought in Hong Kong as it has no stretch so a bit here and there doesn’t impact the wear of this top.

The Steeplechase leggings were a bit baggy at the knees. There were subtle drag lines, so I pinned out the excess and they now are more compression but comfortable. 

I have marked this change on the pattern but I won’t cut the next pair with this change if the fabric has more give.

After all that work sewing up this Jungle January set, I love this exclamation mark the most.

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