Me made May 2016 final

The end of May was an absolute whirlwind but I did manage to photograph what I wore.
It was still warm in mid-May and you can tell from these photos.

Brynna dress

Some days at work I didn’t need a jacket so this cotton dress was fine for work. 

Simplicity top using John Kaldor fabric and a trusty red skirt from years ago.

It was nice to make and wear a new colourful Simplicity (1425) top to go with a trusty red skirt made way back. All of my skirts are fully lined.

McCalls 6460

Again it was a warm day so I wore this dress as I added pockets to the side seams for work.

Burda blouse and fully lined pants

The Burda shirt 2564 is a Minerva make from last year. The Burda pants are fully lined pants that work well when it gets cold. I made these 5 years ago.

Vogue 1204 jeans and Vogue 8815 top

When I got up in the morning, it was time for a bit of colour because there were a few office functions on that day. Both pieces are Vogue patterns and are three years old.

Then I got to wear a New Look top using shiny lycra top with my black jeans on a night out. It still was warm enough to go without a jacket. I can see why I like sci-fi costumes. The jeans were my Minerva jeans from 2 years ago.

Tessallate tee and Steeplechase leggings.

 Again I paired this new Tessallate tee from for Winter with a previously made pair of leggings. The colours work well together and brighten up a 5.30am gym room.

Vogue 1378 jeans, Burda 7140 jacket and Tessellate test tee 

So you can see the activities at the end of May drained a lot of my energies. I had to go to a workshop the day I wore this so I just threw anything together. The jeans are a Minerva Crafts project too.

Candor outfit made from factory cut offs
I loved wearing this outfit to work. It was another tough day but knowing I had two new pieces on made me start the day out better.
Butterick 6062 coat, stripe tee and Jalie 2908 jeans
On the last Saturday night is was cold so I got to wear my new coat with Jalie jeans and a green stripe top.
Burda 7140 jacket and Simplicity 2154 pencil skirt

The cold finally hit last week so I was able to drag out the boots for these Me Made pieces. So you’ve seen the Dauntless jacket again because it’s so comfortable. The skirt is a new one to be blogged. The top was made a few years ago too.

1960s Simplicity 2154 jacket and pencil skirt: to be blogged.

It was finally cold enough to wear this 1960s set using Elliott Berman fabric worn with a grey wrap top.

The bottom line is, Me Made May gave me to opportunity to wear new pieces with some favourite existing pieces. 
I hope everyone who participated enjoyed the experience. Thanks Zoe.

Tessellate Tee

Yesterday it got cold, so I made a couple of Winter Tessellate tees from Melissa of Fehr Trade.

Knit tops are easy to sew and I love refreshing my basics from time to time.
I cut this version out before breakfast and had it sewn up before we headed into town for an early Sunday lunch. 
I used the basic small size and used my overlocker for most of the sewing. I used the coverstitch machine for the hems.
This test version had plenty of wiggle room if we’d had a large lunch.

Once we returned home I dived into my fabric stash and came up with a new top for the gym.
Again I used the small size but this top is meant for running and working out in.
There was a bit too much room in the body of the top for doing floor work and doing burpees.
Activewear is supposed to be like a second skin.
So after this morning’s class I put this top on inside-out and pinned out the excess. The body of this top in now more formfitting.
The back has less fabric pooling at centre back. I’ll make the xsmall for the gym.

Pattern changes

This Tessellate tee is the basic tee with no add on features and took just under 3 hours to cut and sew.

The first version showed that I needed to shorten the shoulder seams so I took 3cm out of both front and back shoulder seams.

I then did a forward shoulder adjustment – raise the back shoulder seam and lower the front shoulder seam all at the shoulder point.

And of course, I shortened the sleeve length but kept the tee length.

And that’s it really.

PS: Did you notice I’m still wearing Fehr Trade’s steeplechase leggings from last season? Both pieces were worth investing in for the cold.

You did a good job again Melissa. All the best for your next big run this weekend.

Me Made May 2016

May is super busy so I decided to focus on wearing clothes I’ve made but planning my week ahead rather than just throwing on ‘the same old thing’.

This year’s pledge was to wear something I’ve made everyday. ‘Keeping it simple’.
Day 1: Burda Jacket, Vogue jeans and Butterick top 
Day 2: Simplicity 1425 top with my block skirt added to make this dress.
Day 3: Burda Style dress
Day 4: Vogue 1407 
Day 5: Burda style 7828 wrap dress
Day 6: Simple skinny jeans and New Look top

Week 1 was warm so dresses were my go-to work wear. I keep a jacket at my desk to overcome the aircon.

Morning workout set: Steeple chase leggings, New Look top, McCalls jacket

I did 4 morning training sessions and above is my loudest workout set (no makeup).

Day 7: Lace dress using block pattern.

The weekend was social and I still squeezed in a park run on Saturday morning.

Day 7:Steeplechase leggings and New Look top
Day 8: Vicki’s fabric choice using Simplicity 7156 (to be blogged)

This week is a juggle so this is what I’ve worn so far. 

Day 9: Kwik sew dress
Day 10: Burda wrap dress

I have two ‘business casual’ work days this week so this is what I’ve put these aside.

Day 11: Vogue jeans and block pattern top
Day 12: Simplicity skirt and wrap cardi
Day 13: Vogue jeans and New Look wrap top

Training wise, this week is a quite one because Sunday is the half marathon so I’ve done 2 training sessions early this week. My legs need a break because I know I’ll be running for at least 2 hours on the day so that’s it for training hard.

And that gets me through the first two weeks of MMMay 2016.

See spot run

Or in my case run, jump, stretch, sweat, breathe, dodge mozzies, twist and hopefully not fall while running up stairs. Some morning workouts are far easier than others although I can’t think when this is ever the case.

I’ve used Fehr Trade XYT top and Steeplechase leggings with a few fabric stash pieces (#junglejanuary) and bit of fold over elastic on the top. The leggings has the built in pocket too.

Here’s the back view of this set in stretch mode with a bit of reflective tape piping on the top and reflective stickers I bought from Lightweights power reflectors last year.

The front view has no reflective bits. It’s quite Jungle January plain.

What I can say about the length of this top is when stretching or lifting weights above my head, my top is long enough that there’s not unsightly tummy flashing going on. Also because I’ve used the same fabric at the top of the leggings, nothing looks out of place.

See what I mean – no tummy flashing.

It’s the middle of Summer and I wear longs when I train because I prefer to have compression support for running etc. Believe me when I tell you wearing longs for outdoor training here doesn’t deter the local mozzies. They’re tough and will bite you through lycra.

Above were the original reflective stickers that fell off in the wash. I didn’t iron them on but I have for the second lot.

I’ve only used bits of the reflective tape piping I bought in Hong Kong as it has no stretch so a bit here and there doesn’t impact the wear of this top.

The Steeplechase leggings were a bit baggy at the knees. There were subtle drag lines, so I pinned out the excess and they now are more compression but comfortable. 

I have marked this change on the pattern but I won’t cut the next pair with this change if the fabric has more give.

After all that work sewing up this Jungle January set, I love this exclamation mark the most.