Minerva make – Steampunk

Making basic work and weekend gear is what I do. But what if I decide to add a few Steampunk elements into my basic work wear? How would true Steampunk look on someone of my height?

Take a simple poly cotton fabric for a shirt and a wool blend check for a skirt. Sounds ordinary. Vicky picked the buttons again. She’s a Wiz at choosing the notions.

And then used a basic front button blouse and a simple A line skirt. Still sounds run-of-the-mill. Maybe the exposed metal zipper at the back might be a bit ‘out there’.

I would agree. Except for the detailing.

Throw in some pin tucks, a few ruffles and some metal buckles and you have a few Steampunk pieces.

The technical notes for this Equestrian tail coat blouse is here.

I’ve never been to a historical or Cos play event. But I can probably sneak through now.
The technical notes for the skirt are here.

I like the idea of using the blouse with black jeans on the weekend.

And the skirt (Beige/Black Check Polyester/Wool Blend Suiting Designer) will look great in the office in the Winter.
Especially if I make a Equestrian-influenced wool jacket like this or this or this.
Seriously, the possibility of no longer being a wall flower are endless.

Thank you Minerva Crafts for these fabrics. They’re lovely to wear and easy to sew with. 


  1. When you said steampunk I had visions of something quite historical but this actually blends into modern life very nicely both together and worn as you described.


  2. I have never thought of you as a wall flower. This is such a different style for you but I like it. One thing for sure, there is a lot of hard work in these two pieces. Fabulous as always.


  3. While I must admit steampunk is not really my thing, your blouse especially, is totally wearable and how you turned the simple shirt pattern into your inspiration is so clever.


  4. I think this is my favorite thing you have made – edgy, colours look great on you and the details really make the outfit special.


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