It’s Summer and seeing as though Mr V splashed out and bought me some roses, at the last minute, I decided to grab Style 1874 and make a special dress.

Nothing fancy. Just a plain, simple dress.
This pattern was published in 1990, and it’s been in my pattern stash for ever.
This remnant fabric is from Mood in New York bought on a shopping day with Kyle
I cut the mid-thigh version of this dress and on a petite like me, it was the perfect length.
In my haste, I grabbed a grey invisible zip and dropped the back neckline so it would work. The swirls are placed dead centre so I have eyes on my back. That was intentional.
The other intentional aspect was avoiding the ‘eyes’ on the front of my dress.
This is fully lined and the pattern instructions were so easy to follow and well illustrated.

I’m grinning because this is my first ‘vintage pattern pledge‘ dress. After spending time with Sue last week when she visited Sydney, all those patterns from ages ago in my pattern stash look enticing to make again.


  1. Fantastic! This dress looks like it could be a TNT. Great job avoiding the dreaded eyes in front… 😉 especially when all you had was a remnant to work with.


  2. 1. LOVE your haircut. It's perfect.
    2. Mr V is a sweetie!
    3. Your dress looks lovely. That was such a fun day, wasn't it? It feels like it was last year but it was 2013. (I could totally go for a blackout doughnut RIGHT NOW). Good job avoiding the “bullseyes” on the front.
    4. OMG 1990 is “vintage” now? Yikes!


  3. Love the dress. Fabulous and fresh looking – perfect for Valentine's Day. Now that I see this post I realise that the name of the pattern is Style. I have never heard of these patterns before.


  4. I had to look a bit spesh. He did surprise me with flowers. Ooooh. I could go for their cake donuts now too. Thanks again for such a great day Kyle.


  5. Roses, lucky you! Your pattern reminded me very much of a dress I loved in my youth! Your red version looks lovely and is very Valentines worthy.


  6. Happy belated Valentines! This really shows that a good classic pattern is worth hanging on to. Great use of a remnant to really show off the print.


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