At work

MMM13 days 14-16 were work days and it’s cooler here so the jackets come out to play.

Jeanne and Megan took these photos for me.

Day 14:
Me-made Jacket made a long time ago and was too long so I cut it shorter.
Me-made Shirt: butterick 4985.
Me-made Skirt Aline skirt not blogged. The bias trim was added to hide the overlocking on the hem – doh.

Day 15 the head cold starts:
Me-made Jacket McCalls 4596.
Me-madeTop: Vogue 2980. I adjusted this top for fit last year.
Me-madeTrousers Burda 7746 lined trousers. They make me feel snuggly.

Day 16 persistant head cold:
Me-madeJacket Vogue 7764 This jacket had a lot of detailing.
Me-madeTop: Kwik Sew 2683 in grey not blogged.
Me-madeTrousers McCalls 2874 grey trousers.

Day 16 pic is my way of saying Bonjour to Vero. Vero launched her online bag patterns Sacotin today and I helped her with the English translations. She’s based in a small village in France and we had fun liaising online and I learnt a funny lesson to not rely on online translations. I was the one ‘Lost in translation’. Vero has a great sense of humour.


  1. Thanks Maria for your invaluable help !
    You are truly a wonderful person and I'm really happy that our paths crossed online.

    Bon appétit aussi 🙂


  2. These outfits are all pretty & fit so well–very put together. Great job. I think in 2051 I'll have enough me-made stuff to do this for a few weeks! I feel like I'm so slow & complete about one item every month…


  3. Bella, These pieces have been made over many years and I couldn't have had so many Me-made pieces when I first started sewing. So your 2051 me made clothes will be quality pieces.


  4. Loving your outfits. Love the “flip” on the skirt. Very flirty.

    Sorry to hear you are feeling poorly. Hope you get better soon. Big hug your way.


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