One more piece

When I bought this Sarong for $7 at Tie Rack on sale, I dreamed that one day it would become a cover-up top. So this morning after an hour of sewing 4 seams, it is.

This will be ideal to wear on the beach or by the pool with shorts and my cozzies. But for now I thought the best way to show this piece to you was wearing skinny jeans.

Can you see that the top has two layers but the there’s only one layer at the hips? I didn’t want to waste the fabric so I’ve folded the fabric over at the top. The shortest layer is on the outside of the top. I only cut the fabric for one of the armholes.

I’ve almost finished LN’s test coat, in preparation for making the faux fur version.
Back to it tonight.


  1. Rhonda, There are so many fun free patterns you've provided everyone that are as easy as this one,that I'm pleased that you noticed my small effort. Thank you.


  2. Ooh – I like! Can you bring it along to the next sewing meeting? I would like to look closer. I have some great fabric that I want to make in something like this and i want to see you “double over” technique a bit closer (if you don't mind).


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