Flowers and flounce

Here are some more details about Fifth Avenue.
When I make up a project with lots of pieces, I use the sewing stand to see how it looks as I go. This keeps me motivated and I get a better idea of the proportions on new patterns and adjustments. The eyelet peplum is on the stand because I’d just made it so the proportions were correct.
The collar, skirt draped pieces and flounce are constructed before the dress is sewn together.
This earlier bodice version above shows the embroidered flower on the bust point. Below the collar hovers over the bust point so I could have left it there but I replaced this piece at the time.

The dress is fully lined the dress and used bias strips to cover the armhole seams. The pattern only suggests lining the bodice but I decided to line the skirt because it sits better.

The collar is understitched so it sits nicely.
And the hem is machine blind hemmed.

Without a bit of hand sewing, the flounce sadly flops. A bit of hand sewing makes it more floral and soft. Below I’ve divided the flounce in 5 places.

Then I’ve handsewn the flattened flounce edge seams to the skirt

Below you can see the fabric is fairly stiff so the flounce has a bit of life to it.
On the weekend I’ll take proper photos showing this dress worn.


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