70s/80s tracksuit for day 13

In the morning it’s a bit cooler in Sydney and I decided to use a really old pattern with a classic tracksuit pattern Simplicity 8887. Not sure if this pattern is a 70s or 80s pattern.

 If you add the braid edging you need 3m of the knitted braid trim for the jacket. I did without the braiding this time.

The green fleece remnant used here was a Spotlight $2 piece but there wasn’t enough for the sleeves. I had leftover fabric from a jumper kwik sew 1997 I made a couple of years ago. There’s still enough of the stripe fabric to make another hoodie.

I wanted kangaroo pockets so I drafted these up from scratch.

The open-ended zipper was a 3 for $1 zipper bought at The Remnant Warehouse.

Here’s how I wore this jacket in the morning to the gym in a pic taken by Bill, a die-hard workout mate who also wears a heart rate monitor. This jacket is going to get a real workout.

After work we went to a bike class. Mr V wore his Me-made Avocado hoodie. A nice Mum going to the gym took this pic for us.

I did manage to take a pic of what I wore to work before going to the gym. Kwik Sew 3378 top and Butterick 3597 skirt.

As soon as the weekend hits, I’ll do some decent photos of Fifth Avenue because it’s finished – flounce and all. I only had to finish the flounce but so many things have popped up since then.


  1. I really like your jacket. Has a contemporary look, would never guess it's an 80's pattern.
    Also I admire your persistence and commitment to exercise! You mentioned a heart monitor – which brand/type do you wear? I used to use one that stopped working, looking at the new ones on the market. Would love your input.


  2. Hi Andrea, I've always had a Polar heart rate monitor.
    Last year Mr V bought me a Wahoo running kit and now I use the Wahoo app and Map My Fitness app. You can use these without having a heart rate chest strap but it's more accurate if you do have one.
    What are you looking to do?


  3. Two workouts in one day? Or one week? You put me to shame.

    DH bought me a Polar HRM, but it didn't work well for me. Apparently, I have low conductivity. That is, my skin is very dry (even when running), and I don't eat or sweat much salt. It was a very expensive piece of clutter.

    It might not be the HRM, it might be the wearer. Some people are just not suited for them.


  4. Hi Grace, I'm just catching up on exercise i missed out on.

    If the chest strap doesn't work well, wet the sensors before you put it on. I have to do that a lot. Sometimes, if you're in an indoor area, the room itself can throw off the receiver. So it may not be the wearer.

    Alternatively, just get an app and don't bother with a chest strap. Apps will do the measure for you based on height, weight, age, sex and time. It's a good way to start if you want to track your progress.

    This week both apps worked properly but when I first downloaded them the Wahoo would cut out. I think the Wahoo app developers put in some bug fixes recently.

    I hope this helps.


  5. It's funny – I tried to buy a nice trackie for my mother on the weekend and there was NOTHING worth buying!! And you have come up with such a lovely jacket. The contrasting sleeves makes it even more special. Love it and the colour is fab.

    Love your other outfits too. Especially the lavender one.


  6. That pattern was made for you! Great jacket, perfect for your workouts and biking. Your other MMM outfits, plus partner outfit, are lovely too. Sounds like a busy day.


  7. Great jacket;so perfect for exercising. I love the contrast sleeve, it gives an otherwise ordinary tracksuit a bit of interest. Sounds like your day was quite busy.


  8. That's a great looking pattern, and you're making good use of it! It's so nice to come across an old pattern that still has terrific wearability today. You're a good-looking me-made couple 🙂


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