Blood moon jacket

This jacket took 4 days to make under the blood moon in September, hence the name Blood moon jacket. 

Using Vogue 7764 and some ‘wine’ corduroy from Minerva Crafts with a few neatly placed metal buttons, this jacket was a warm layer when we traveled in October.

She’s lovely to wear and this is the third time I’ve made this pattern with some final tweaks.

This cord from Minerva Crafts is quite thick and firm but easy to manage especially when sewing in the sleeves. If fitted sleeves make you lose your cool, this cord will keep you humming.

If you’ve yet to make a lined jacket, the fun is finding a great lining to go with the look you want. I bought this lining from ‘Clear It’ in Melbourne.

I uuhmed and aahed about adding shoulder pad where the epaulets were but I added them in for a firmer fit and a more military look. 

The jacket detailing above were made on day 1.

I so enjoyed correctly putting these pocket on the front. I really did – true ‘sewing geek’ material.

This is my work in progress on the second day/night before I left my sewing room to sleep off this detailed work.

Day 3 took a bit more guts as I had to sew in the lining.

Below is the finished jacket with the sleeves sewn in.

Here’s the finished jacket first worn at Port Macquarie in October. I was fortunate enough to go to SewBusyLizzie Sewport weekend in October. 

The timing to make this jacket was also perfect as I’d entered this jacket in Pattern Review’s Sewing Bee challenge. I made it through Rounds 1, 2 and 3 but didn’t get through to the final Round. 

On our first morning in New York, it was just cool enough to wear this jacket in Central Park.

Below is the reworked back lining pieces as I got some good sewing advice at McCalls HQ

The back lining was bothering me so I asked the experts for their advice about making the lining ‘sit properly’ as this pattern doesn’t have lining pieces. I ended up following their advice and sewed the back centre waist seam of the lining to the jacket centre waist seam.

The other thing I changed was my belt buckle.

I forgot to order a belt buckle from Minerva so I picked one up from New York’s textiles area. The original buckle was a ‘stash’ buckle’.

Thanks Minerva Crafts for this corduroy fabric and buttons. I love adding metal notions you stock.

At work

MMM13 days 14-16 were work days and it’s cooler here so the jackets come out to play.

Jeanne and Megan took these photos for me.

Day 14:
Me-made Jacket made a long time ago and was too long so I cut it shorter.
Me-made Shirt: butterick 4985.
Me-made Skirt Aline skirt not blogged. The bias trim was added to hide the overlocking on the hem – doh.

Day 15 the head cold starts:
Me-made Jacket McCalls 4596.
Me-madeTop: Vogue 2980. I adjusted this top for fit last year.
Me-madeTrousers Burda 7746 lined trousers. They make me feel snuggly.

Day 16 persistant head cold:
Me-madeJacket Vogue 7764 This jacket had a lot of detailing.
Me-madeTop: Kwik Sew 2683 in grey not blogged.
Me-madeTrousers McCalls 2874 grey trousers.

Day 16 pic is my way of saying Bonjour to Vero. Vero launched her online bag patterns Sacotin today and I helped her with the English translations. She’s based in a small village in France and we had fun liaising online and I learnt a funny lesson to not rely on online translations. I was the one ‘Lost in translation’. Vero has a great sense of humour.

Jeans progress

Kenneth King’s Jean-ius online course has been great to learn from and I haven’t gotten through the whole class yet. I would love to go to a live Kenneth King class one day, if I can manage book into a class and then flying across for it! The online course will do for now. I have already made these Jalie jeans but I joined the course to learn more about making jeans and getting the fit right. Below is a progress pic as I’m making these jeans again for the Best of patterns contest on PR.

The fabric has a fine pinstripe with a darkish brown face. I call this a ‘nothing’ colour. The topstitching thread is a bone-cream colour. The pockets are lined with the fabric I used on the first vintage halter dress I made this year.
The main change I made was on the back leg, at the crotch line. There were lines at the base of the butt that I thought I could eliminate. The lines not the butt.

Last night DH wanted to eat out, so I decided to get changed into another MMM knit dress. This is a top pattern (McCalls 8777) extended to dress length in 2008.

Today’s mug was given to me by a friend, when I was trying to settle into a new job. It has a mother duck saying to her ducklings ‘Make it look easy but underneath paddle like hell’. Inside the mug is ‘Keep on paddling’.

Today’s MMM’12 outfit is this grey top Butterick 5283. It’s a long sleeved layer that suits the office. I normally wear a layer underneath when it gets cold. Today I’ve got a short sleeve cotton tee underneath. The lined skirt is Butterick 3597. The military jacket is Vogue 7764. I’ve only reviewed this pattern in pink version.

Jacket 4 – finished while waiting in emergency

A funny thing happened to me on the way to the hospital… That’s how some classic jokes start.
In my case a funny thing happened on the way home from Canley Vale yesterday. While I was thread and zipper shopping with my two sewing buddies, DH took himself to the optometrist because his eye had been irritating him last week. That’s a good thing because the last time he was sick, I have to make to appointment and force him to go see a doctor.
Anyway, the advice he got was to go emergency to get the back of his eye checked.
I was given a lift to meet DH by my generous sewing buddy and DH and I headed off to the local hospital where we weren’t given the right information so today we ended up at the eye hospital emergency room after a late breakfast.
As most emergency areas can take hours for non-emergency patients, I decided to use the time to finish the hand sewing on jacket 4. I waxed up a stack of threads and packed the shoulder pads, buttons, scissors, tape measure and extra needles. Although I could have borrowed a needle from the doctor – not.
Once I got home I rechecked the hem, made an adjustment and then machine sewed the buttonholes and now the jacket is finished.

DH got some eye cream and he will go back to the eye hospital on Wednesday to check on how his eye is healing. That was the most important part of today’s event.

Jacket pieces – vogue 7764

The current jacket has a few more details than I’ve attempted in the past. This will be the last warm jacket for the year because the weather is getting a bit warmer although I think it’s fake warmth. This jacket is Vogue 7764. The pattern is unlined and I’ve made it up twice before with snaps.

This time around,
– I’ve lined the jacket,
– placed zippers in the sleeves
– added pink detail to the collar edge and shoulder tabs
– added pink braid detail on the sleeve cuffs

The whole jacket is interfaced because the fabric is soft. I still need to add in the shoulder pads so the sleeves don’t sag.

The fabric has cream and brown in the weave so I’ve used pink detailing to lift it a bit. The buttons are 4mms but they are shiny.

I like the structure of the jacket and the colour tones down the military look, I think.

This jacket will have buttons and light pink buttons, but for now, it’s being put aside.

I need to make up a couple of white tops for a fabric colouring class I’m doing a convention in two weeks time. I bought a piece of cream knit fabric ($1/m) and white knit fabric ($1/m). How the colour will take is another issue. I have a feeling these may not work, so I may end up with tops that will be excellent ‘distress’ couture.

My plan is to make up Kwik Sew 2694, a v-neck cross over top; Kwik Sew 3378, a twist front top; and Kwik Sew 3617, a neat gathered v-neck top.

My convention sewing plan is focusing on pieces that I can finish and add to my wardrobe. Ink and navy are the colours that I’ll be focusing on. This is my first sewing convention and I’ve been advised that most people never finish their convention projects.

That’s the plan.