Yoga pants – Silhouette #3011 Nanette’s yoga pants

Here’s the first test case made on the weekend using the overlocker and 2″ elastic. I’ve used a very strong nylon/lycra matt fabric remnant from The Fabric Store at the February Sydney Sewer Meet up.

I didn’t get dressed up for these pictures.
Below is how these pants should look. I have to resew the front leg curve.
She has a clutterless kitchen that would make me smile.
These aren’t workout pants so I intend to wear these anywhere but the gym.
The instructions are so easy to follow and they are really helpful. They don’t assume any prior knowledge – I like that a lot! And this is my first go at using Silhouette Patterns. I only adjusted the leg length and made the back crotch curve deeper.

Not quiet a yoga pose.

These pants were so comfortable to wear at work. The top (Butterick 5328) was made in 2009 and I love the blue cherry print on green.

Great British Sewing Bee episode 2
Here’s the youtube link. I hope you find this episode as enjoyable as episode 1 was.


  1. Great pants. Or as my nana would have called them…. Slacks! Look like smart trousers but as comfortable as a track suit. I also love the blouse. Really cute fabric print. I've got a pattern I brought in the 80s when I first started sewing very similar woven wrap top. Might dig it out.


  2. Perfect pants for comfort and style. I love them on you! I've made a note of this pattern for myself and wanted to suggest you also try Textile Studio Soho pant. It can be made with wovens or knit, and with a zipper or without. 4 darts in front and 2 behind, elastic waist, seams =done.


  3. They look so nice dressed up! I love their other yoga pant pattern, I've made them three times. Last time out of cold gear fabric and lived in them all winter! You can't get much more comfortable, either dressed up or dressed down.


  4. Those are mighty fine looking pants. To have a comfortable pair of pants is great. They look great teemed with that top.

    Good to hear the review from Silhouette patterns.


  5. Nice pants! I would not have guessed they were meant for exercise.

    Aside, I love how the pattern envelope says “with Exclusive B,C and D cup sizing”. Someone will have to explain to me how that works on yoga pants. 😉


  6. How did I miss your blog before?

    These look great! I just took advantage of the anniversary sale on Silhouettte patterns where you get one pattern and one DVD for $16. I bought the other yoga pant pattern, which I've been wanting forever, and the Darts DVD. But this yoga pant also looks pretty good!


  7. I made these yoga pants about a year ago and I have worn them to death. I love that they don't look like exercise pants, but are very comfortable. They are my “go to” travel pants. I have already purchased fabric for my second pair. I was happy to find anoher fan of these pants


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