Sew active

Susan from Measure twice cut once has worked in the garment industry all her life. A simple conversation about cycling over dinner became an eye opening discussion about many aspects to sewing activewear from this one incredible lady. Susan is a sewing gem in my books. Here's what she's happy to share with us about making … Continue reading Sew active

Yoga pants – Silhouette #3011 Nanette’s yoga pants

Here's the first test case made on the weekend using the overlocker and 2" elastic. I've used a very strong nylon/lycra matt fabric remnant from The Fabric Store at the February Sydney Sewer Meet up.I didn't get dressed up for these pictures.Below is how these pants should look. I have to resew the front leg curve.She … Continue reading Yoga pants – Silhouette #3011 Nanette’s yoga pants