Thank you Beth

Sunnygirl and fabulous tailor Beth had a giveaway and I did the happy dance this week when it arrived in the mail.

What’s not to love about receiving a reputable sewing handbook from the 1965 and two tailoring tools that an ongoing sewer like myself will always use.

Beth is one of my ‘go-to’ experts that I refer to when I’m researching my next project and trying to up my sewing ‘A-game’. I imagine her wardrobe is brimming with beautiful sewn clothes.
Beth signature posts feature a garden picture. That’s something I know some sewing bloggers do and being a ‘city girl’ I appreciate learning a bit more about nature across the globe.

The Great British Sewing Bee ep 3
This episode now has me checking my jackets for fit and I’ve already resewn one  for a better fit from 3 years ago. One more episode to go.

Silhouette Pattern – Nanette’s yoga pants
The line drawing of this pattern on the website shows the front leg seaming go toward the centre front but the front leg seaming joins at the side seam to the back leg seaming.

I’ve let Peggy know and she’s onto getting the web pic updated while she’s travelling around the country helping Silhouette Buddies everywhere.

23 April update: Peggy has now updated the line drawing on her website so it now shows the corrected line drawing. Thanks for being so quick Peggy!!

In between MMM’13 posts, there are a bunch of projects that I’ve finished that I’ll show you once I get the go ahead.

Yoga pants – Silhouette #3011 Nanette’s yoga pants

Here’s the first test case made on the weekend using the overlocker and 2″ elastic. I’ve used a very strong nylon/lycra matt fabric remnant from The Fabric Store at the February Sydney Sewer Meet up.

I didn’t get dressed up for these pictures.
Below is how these pants should look. I have to resew the front leg curve.
She has a clutterless kitchen that would make me smile.
These aren’t workout pants so I intend to wear these anywhere but the gym.
The instructions are so easy to follow and they are really helpful. They don’t assume any prior knowledge – I like that a lot! And this is my first go at using Silhouette Patterns. I only adjusted the leg length and made the back crotch curve deeper.

Not quiet a yoga pose.

These pants were so comfortable to wear at work. The top (Butterick 5328) was made in 2009 and I love the blue cherry print on green.

Great British Sewing Bee episode 2
Here’s the youtube link. I hope you find this episode as enjoyable as episode 1 was.