Kinda off cue – Vogue 8815

It’s about time I made some type of peplum, don’t you agree?

Pitt Trading again offered Cue remnants via their facebook page. Now I can call them, let them know what colours I use, pay, and then a beautiful pack of fabric remnants arrive in the mail. I love a good fabric remnant challenge.

So I’ve used Vogue 8815 and I’ve added lowered the neckline (but it needs more) and used black satin bias to finish the neckline and zipper seams. The aim of this piece was to have a tailored summer top to wear with shorts or jeans or bright skinny jeans while travelling.

These cap sleeves were my first attempt at drafting them from the paper pattern using a french curve following Peggy Sagers webcast last week on “the sleeve“. I have a bit more work to do on the base on the sleeve pattern.

Back to the paper pattern for a bit more tweaking and another attempt using another remnant.
To do list:
– reduce the bust darts and centre back darts by 1.5cm
– add 1.5cm at centre seams on peplum, so the flounce is untounched
– drop the neckline and fix gaposis
– redraw the base of the cap sleeve.

When I finish this top and do a second cleaner version, I’ll show you the details.

There are 3 days to go and almost 70 tops have been made on Faye’s 2013 essential top sewalong.


  1. ooh ooh – love the idea of that “remnants” order – although now I think of it – a remnant probably wouldn't fit me – might be fun though.

    You are such a font of information.

    I love your top and the fabric is so wonderful.


  2. Oh, I'm with Beajay- I love this idea and it sounds so luxurious to have a shop send over selewctions that I will love! I might need more than one remnant to swaddle these hips, but you dainty thing will look fabulous!


  3. That print is perfect for that top and like the idea of lowering the neckline. I have the pattern and paused on sewing it up because of the high neckline.


  4. I'm loving the fabric you used for your peplum top and congratulations on drafting your sleeves! I too lowered the neckline as you know on this top and so many people have. It's definitely a little too high for most.


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