Remake x3

While Easter’s a time to relax and be with family and friends, I know quiet a few sewers who were busy sewing this weekend. So was I.

Left to right: Original RTW spotted top,short sleeved test top, long sleeve lace edge top, lined animal print top

The spotted top is an old top that Mum wore a lot, until I saw how well-worn it became. So I used the bodice on Vogue 8815 and extended the bodice to make 3 more tops for Mum. None of these tops are high-end fashion but if she has tops that can be worn in between seasons or to church then she’s happy. How could I not include an animal print too?

These tops are all:
– made of washable woven fabrics,
– pull-over styles
– have one button closure at the back neckline
– don’t need ironing
– can be worn as a layer
– can be remade in 2 hours.

I did catch up with family and friends throughout most of Easter and got in a couple of long bike rides too. Coffee and breakfast were included in these rides.

Now to get back to Mum’s version of the T-Shirt Trifecta pattern and get stuck into the knit fabrics that I’ve stashed for her. There acually is a fabric stash set aside just for her.

The Great British Sewing Bee.
I finally found a link to the first episode and low and behold Anne’s first A-line skirt challenge uses the same fabric as my vintage military shirtmaker dress – also used by Karen and Sewhopefull.

Congratulations to all the entrants. You all did a fantastic job making this fabric into so many stylish variations.
Sandra (Dilliander) won with her ‘Lekaloru’ Mash up Coat. It’s a combination of  Lekala 4170 raincoat with the essence of Sewaholic’s Minoru Jacket and a dash of Green Pepper 120 on the (zip pocket) sides.
I’m looking forward to seeing your coat soon.


  1. I tried to find a link to the GBSB last night and couldn't find one–thank you for posting it! I just watched it (waaaaay past my bedtime!) and it was a hoot (and soooo different from project runway)!

    How neat you used the same fabric!


  2. Terrific tops–all of them and I'm sure much appreciated. I just watched the SewingBee on YouTube, since we don't get I in the US. It was great-loved it and anxious for he next episode.


  3. Your mum is a lucky lady indeed-also the roses fabric!

    You have the high technical capability that Ann does but your styling ability knocks hers off the page. Her skirt was technically perfect but visually dated. Your shirt dress, contemporary and modern with just the right amount of sass. Keep rockin' lady!


  4. Ok Maria, I watched the GBSB again! Twice in less than 24 hours. The lining of Tilly's red dress is the same fabric I used for the exterior of my first PR weekend bag (the scissors motif). How funny is that??


  5. Lucky Mum! The tops you made her are lovely.
    I am also watching the 'sewing bee'. I'm still not sure that it will be popular telly in the way that the cooking programmes are – but it is good to see some sewing on prime time tv.


  6. Your shirtdress is just gorgeous. I don't think I've ever seen one in floral fabric before, but it's so much nicer than a plain one – great idea. Also, thanks for all the links, I can't wait to watch the Sewing Bee and those Tessuti winners are amazing.


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