T-shirt test

What’s there to test. It’s just a t-shirt right?

SAF-T POCKETS T-Shirt Trifecta #2014 offers 3 views, zipper pockets, sleeve options and you can mix the patterns up and tailor them to your needs or Mum’s need for pockets. That’s why I bought this pattern.

There’s always some aspect that independent pattern companies offer to set themselves apart from the big companies. That’s why I keep my eyes open for new patterns and new pattern ideas.

So my first test version below is very plain but I learnt how easy the instructions are to follow and they include methods of adding the front pocket with either an invisible zip or a normal zip.  That’s helpful! The pocket is there hiding along the piping I’ve added. The neckline has fold over elastic; I’ve shortened the sleeve; and fitted the centre back for a firm fit. These patterns use sewing 3/8″ seam and to me this is different but still very accurate. I can get used to 3/8″ seams.

I did ruin my first invisible zipper when I cut the zipper length, half sewed in the pocket bags and then checked to see if the zipper closed properly before finishing the pocket. Doh! Well that’s when the zipper pull came off in mid-air.

the hidden invisible zipper

I have lots of zippers from Zipperstop so I quickly relearned that I need to adjust the zipper length first with a bit of sewing before I cut it to size while working on the pocket. Notion stash to the rescue!

Showing the iron-on seam tape to reinforce the pocket bag.
The instructions suggest using a woven fabric for the pocket bag (again helpful) but I used iron-on seam tape to keep the zipper stitching straight and flat before sewing in the zipper so I could still use the same knit fabric for the pocket bag.
A closer view of the pipine and neckline finish

Thanks for commenting that some of you avoid pockets and detailing. I feel I need to make pockets of all varieties because Mum loves clothes with pockets so if I can make her some tops with pockets, then that makes her happy. Dad always loved safari jackets even after the 70s, because of the 4 pockets on the front bodice.


  1. This is an excellent pocket insertion idea, very clever and beautifully executed as usual.
    The fabric is a great colour on you, I love all the brights you are sewing lately.
    I am relieved that I am not the only one who still manages to pull the tag off zippers 😉


  2. Wow. This is most definitely not 'just' a t-shirt. The hidden zipper is great. The piping looks really good too. Piping is on my list of things to do, I've only done big chunky cushion piping but I really love the delicate piping look you've done.


  3. A very useful t-shirt – going to be great having those pockets for winter sniffles – a place for the hankie. I would have thought that a knit fabric would have really stretched on the cross grain, but you seem to have no puckers at all :).


  4. Great t-shirt and even though I have seen the patterns just couldn't get my head around them for me, but you have certainly changed that idea. Love the piping.


  5. a great top! and more stylish than I expected from the pattern.

    I may hate pockets, but I've no objection to detail work 🙂 love the piping


  6. I am growing to like pockets more and more actually. I really like the interesting way this pocket is in the shirt. will look at this pattern now …


  7. I've been away too long. o0 Got back to my RSS feed after a month and a half. This is cool-I've never seen this brand before and the first option looks pretty interesting. As usual you're out there finding cool new stuff. Will check them out.


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