Pattern testing weekend

Last Friday to Sunday I was at a sewing retreat with 3 of my sewing buddies and 30 other sewers at Stanwell Tops. Below we were being blown away when we went to the beach for a break on the Saturday.

In the lead up I decided to use this time to test dress patterns for myself. I prepared 5 and aimed to get 1 dress tested. By Sunday, I managed to test 3 dresses with the help of my sewing buddies with a bit of finishing work to do ie seam finishing, hems and lots of hand sewing.

Vogue 1208 in a dark print and lined with Sunsilky lining


Vogue 1271 in a blue purple remnant with Sunsilky lining.

Butterick 6582 in a tulip print chiffon and orange bemsilky lining.

Vogue 8280 in dark teal stretch woven and remnant lining.

Colette Macaron 1001 in deep maroon and maroon/black print georgette.

The first three are complete and the last 2 are being tested this week. I’ll post up the finished dresses as soon as I can get proper pics done.
In the meantime I received some buttons from Sharon contacted me with a $10 voucher so I used the voucher and spent more $ on a range of their buttons. I love the packaging and there are a few projects I have these earmarked for. Thank you Sharon.


  1. Wow, what a wonderful sewing retreat. Sounds like you went fully prepared and had a productive time. There's not much more fun than getting together with sewing girlfriends. My mini retreat happens next week, can't wait.


  2. It sounds like you had a fun and productive weekend! I like your pattern and fabric choices. You've encouraged me to plan another sewing retreat soon. Happy pattern testing and sewing!!


  3. “Sewing” and “retreat” are two words that go nicely together. I have the macaron coming up on my list, too, but am having trouble deciding on a fabric combination. It might end up being a fall garment, as summer's ending.


  4. OMG you have sewing buddies. Augh! One day..! These look great, I can't wait to see your 8280, I've had that pattern for a while and always put off making it for whatever reason (Vogue always fits weirdly at the bust for me while Burda always fits perfectly in the same area so the latter always gets chosen instead)! It'll be interesting to see what tweaks (in any) are required..


  5. I sewing retreat sounds a little like heaven right now (real life keeps demanding my attention away from sewing)

    can't wait to see the dresses 🙂

    I will now have a look at the button store.


  6. Dillander: I took your advise and made the bias dress first. That was a confidence boost.
    Rose: You'll definitely get lots out of a sewing weekend, even if it's just catching up with friends.
    TPN: I'll be posting up picks of V8280 because the fiddly bits seem to be the front flange, and getting through the instruction sheet.


  7. A sewing retreat! Now that's a nice-sounding phrase! You certainly got a lot done. I love your chiffony vintage dress and can't wait to see all the pics.


  8. It was perfect sewing weather last weekend…sigh….wish I had joined you! Totally impressed with your productivity! Really interested to see how your macaron turns out….I have that pattern in the queue.


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