What do you think?

Which dress should I wear for the family wedding? I do like each dress and I’ll have a go at testing the Macaron this week so that next weekend I’ll finish ‘the dress’ that I’ll wear on the day. We’re still in winter but I have a couple of long woollen coats that I can wear on the day depending on the weather. As for shoes – I have no idea where to start.

Vogue 8280 – To be hemmed.

Vogue 8271 – to be hemmed

Vogue 1208 complete

Butterick 6282 1960’s Retro complete
This taffeta is earmarked for the retro dress.
Taffeta for Butterick 6582
This organza is going to be a simple lined bolero jacket. Would you believe I’m thinking of using fishing line to reinforce the jacket edges?

Jacket fabric for Vogue 1271

Ok. Let me know what you think I should concentrate on.
PS: I’ll post the pattern reviews shortly.
Earlier I forgot to say we have another family wedding next year so that’s why I’ve gone overboard with these dresses – Sorry.


  1. Only one wedding??? You need to find a few more to go to with all these lovely dresses to choose from. I also like 2 or 3. And the fishing line has me curious, looking forward to seeing the jacket finished. The fabric looks beautiful…


  2. Alison has said it perfectly 🙂

    They are all great dresses and once you finish the hems they could look very different.

    Now fishing line you have all us wondering.


  3. I vote with Poppykettle! I love the colour too and it looks really amazing on you! Beautiful! Boy you have been working hard! I think Johanna at The Last Stitch used that on her black wedding dress – was it last year or earlier this year?


  4. Maybe go shoe shopping as you are unsure which to pick – it may be that you find a pair you love which will then suggest which dress you should finish first. I can only echo the previous comments though, they are all beautiful and I wish my sewing was as productive as yours!


  5. Oh my goodness, each and every dress is just gorgeous. I can see why you are having a hard time choosing. My two favorites are the second and third one. Looking forward to seeing the Macaron as well.


  6. I like them all (number 1 the least) but would choose number 2, or maybe number 3–you are hiding the left shoulder feature in that pose. Can't wait to see the organza and fishing line jacket.


  7. No question that every dress is gorgeous! I can see how this is a difficult decision. My personal favorites are 1 and 2. I also LOVE HoffiCoffi's idea about perhaps letting a new pair of shoes aid in the decision. Brilliant. Beautiful sewing, as always. Really admire your work.


  8. Am I the only one? I like the last dress (retro) most! That will be a nice spot of colour in the group photo. The first one is my least favourite. 2 and 3 are also nice, so I think it is a good idea to start with the shoes! Of course it also depends what kind of family, i.e. how you are related and how formal they like it.


  9. You sure have some beautiful choices! I really love the first dress pictured. The neckline is very lovely and flattering and frames your face beautifully; plus that colour is terrific with your beautiful dark hair 🙂


  10. Wow, great selection! I like the retro dress on you best, the last one. I like the first two as well, I think I would probably would pick the one with the slit neckline second.


  11. How fabulous to have so many lovely dresses to choose from! I vote for the Retro one….it's the most 'hip' …and I'd go with the tulip print version…the colours are great on you…a bit different from the typical single colour sheen of wedding attire?


  12. Lovely work-all the dresses are cute. I like the 2nd or 3rd ones. I also made Vogue 1208 but haven't hemmed it. It is now a bit tight on me- not sure if it 'thinned out' because of the bias cut. Something to be aware of if you are storing V1208 on a hanger.


  13. Hmmmm, hard choice but I think I like the 2nd and the retro one best. They both have interesting necklines, too. Too bad you don't have more weddings to go to, ha!


  14. You are on fire! So many cool new things. I like the long sleeved one because I'm partial to long sleeves and you looks like you're ready to party down and solve crimes (Avengers style). Also, the gold, the gold! Focus on it please as it is awesome and I love shiny things XD


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