Winter sewing week

That’s the only heading I could come up with because this week I had a head cold – and everything that comes with a head cold. That meant I couldn’t do a fitting with Mum and get her wedding skirts and tops finished this week, so that’ll happen next week.

While I was confined to home, I decided to make up a few more winter pj bottoms so that there I have no flannelette in the house come spring.

When I originally made pjs, I bought enough fabric for 2 pairs. The blue plaid belong to DH and the animal print and bike print pairs (from Spotlight) are for moi. DH agreed the bike print pair were more my style than his.

We both realised the original pjs were big and roomy so this time DH has medium size and mine are small. I’ve put a pocket on both sides instead of the left side only.
There’s nothing fierce about winter pjs, they just do their job and keep you warm.


  1. A good fitting pair of winter flannelette PJ's are just the answer to cheer you up in winter. Our local Spotlight just had a sale on flannelette, and I picked up a few great pieces ready to make up. It's just finding the time…

    ✿ Judith
    made by J


  2. not having any flannelette in the cupboard ready for spring sounds like a great idea. I've also got some of the bike flannelette waiting to be turned into PJs. A very productive week you have had.


  3. seriously making nightwear is one of my favourite things because it is a great stash buster and gets worn and worn and is so quick . THe last time I bought flannelette from spotlight though it was more expensive than just RTW PJs so I must remember to look for it on special.
    YOu must be sewing a whole new wardrobe for you mother .
    The bike print is cute and obviously very you.


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