Winter sewing week

That’s the only heading I could come up with because this week I had a head cold – and everything that comes with a head cold. That meant I couldn’t do a fitting with Mum and get her wedding skirts and tops finished this week, so that’ll happen next week.

While I was confined to home, I decided to make up a few more winter pj bottoms so that there I have no flannelette in the house come spring.

When I originally made pjs, I bought enough fabric for 2 pairs. The blue plaid belong to DH and the animal print and bike print pairs (from Spotlight) are for moi. DH agreed the bike print pair were more my style than his.

We both realised the original pjs were big and roomy so this time DH has medium size and mine are small. I’ve put a pocket on both sides instead of the left side only.
There’s nothing fierce about winter pjs, they just do their job and keep you warm.

Winter Pjs – Simplicity 2503

I do like a good pair of pjs for winter so here’s my made me pj bottoms. The pants flannel fabric was from Spotlight and the top is from a monkey refugee hospital in Vietnam. I need to find a soft knit fabric for a long sleeve top – maybe with shoulder and wrist rushing. Would that be too much detailing?

The fabrics was soft when I bought it and now it’s even softer after prewashing. It still has it’s body.

I’ve used Simplicity 2503 and DH has a blue and white plaid print that I’ll write up about separately because I added a fly front. The main feature on these pjs are the side pocket on the left and the elastic and ribbon waistband. The ribbon is sewn on the ends of the elastic so you only see the ribbon tie at the front of the pjs.

This is my entry to Karen’s pyjama party. My very first Peter Alexander pjs with clouds are in storage somewhere so I need to find them because it’s getting colder at now.