#outlander fangirl pic

I still can’t believe I got a pic taken with Graham McTavish (he plays Dougal McKenzie in Outlander) today. 
– Tall guy. 
– Lovely bloke. 
– Happy to retake the pic. 
– Kiwi resident
– I’m still smiling.

The ‘black watch’ tartan underneath the pic is a new Winter skirt. More about that soon.
I decided to wear my Gathering inspired dress.For now, it’s a cold, rainy Sunday and I’m still grinning from ear to ear.

Supernova had lots of Superstar guests, even 3 of the Brady kids (Peter, Bobby and Cindy).

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Winter sewing week

That’s the only heading I could come up with because this week I had a head cold – and everything that comes with a head cold. That meant I couldn’t do a fitting with Mum and get her wedding skirts and tops finished this week, so that’ll happen next week.

While I was confined to home, I decided to make up a few more winter pj bottoms so that there I have no flannelette in the house come spring.

When I originally made pjs, I bought enough fabric for 2 pairs. The blue plaid belong to DH and the animal print and bike print pairs (from Spotlight) are for moi. DH agreed the bike print pair were more my style than his.

We both realised the original pjs were big and roomy so this time DH has medium size and mine are small. I’ve put a pocket on both sides instead of the left side only.
There’s nothing fierce about winter pjs, they just do their job and keep you warm.

Plaid puzzle+MMM12 day 5

This new pair of DH’s pjs pants was made using Simplicity 2503. He suited the medium size better than I did.

The fly front is a copy of a Peter Alexander pair he has.
The fly front button opening is covered so you can’t see the buttonhole and button when worn.

I did have a lovely blue and white silky ribbon to use for the waist cord but I decided (with DH’s approval) to use a plainer waistband cord. He was stoked with this choice.

I cut each leg piece separately so I could get the stripes to match. The pocket on the other hand matches across the body only, as you can plainly see.
The seams are overlocked and the hems have a Coverpro 3-thread finish.
DH is again a happy customer.

And here are today’s MMM’12 pics.
Today a few of us were at the Alexandria ASG sewing session so Sharon and I did a joint MMM’12 photo shoot, courtesy of Alison.

The top is made from the left over fabric from the 5-piece column dress that I made last week in green. I have completed blue/black stripe version made of this fabric.
The jeans are Jalie 2908 made from fabric I bought at The Remnant Warehouse 2 years ago (3m for $5). Nicole who works at the store, remembered this fabric when she saw what I was wearing. 

Make sure you duck over to Sharon’s page to check out her MMM’12 outfits.
So we meet here the first Saturday each month and these sessions are the ones I most look forward to because after sewing on my own, we have ongoing round-table discussions about ‘serious’ sewing issues all day.  

Owen (on the left) who works here has a wonderful habit of bringing a bolt of fabric to tempt the weaker ones in our group to buy fabric. There’s not much you can do in these situations. By the way, Alison (on the right) is also wearing a Made-Me-May top today and the fabric was purchased from Pitt Trading (is that right Alison?).