zebra print – m5752

View A is the cap sleeve version and I’ve used this zebra print in a poly knit fabric.

The key pieces to get this pattern to sit right are the midriff panels.

Before I attempted making this dress I had to face up to the my actually sizing, take a deep breath of reality and adjust the midriff. The adjustment lines are on the pattern with an additional instruction sheet to help adjust the pattern to fit your shape.

The midriff facing is a nude colour knit and I think if you really want to have some support, use a power knit that you would use for swimwear, as an option. I’ve also used seams great on the shoulder seams for long term stability.

This is definitely going to be a social dress and not one that I wear to work, although I’m tempted to put the zebra amongst the pidgeons šŸ™‚


  1. Wow, I love this dress! It's so flattering. Even if it was tough to face up to your actual sizing (I definitely know that feeling), you're the only one who knows it…
    It fits you wonderfully, and I think sometimes the body-skimming styles are actually slimming.
    x Kat


  2. The dress looks great on you. You will wear that dress to work one day…I am sure. One day you will wake up in a Diva mode and that dress will be screaming to be worn.


  3. Your dress looks great. I agree with Kat that the body skimming styles do tend to create a slimmer look.


  4. You are looking good and that Diva moment needs to happen.

    Agree with Kat and Sue that the body skimming styles do create a slimmer look.


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