Knits for knotted weather – V8379

While getting used to my eyes changing and my right hand still mending, I’ve gone back over old ground with this knit dress.

I bought this printed knit from The Fabric Store during a rushed afternoon in town. I was at a course that finished early so straight to The Fabric Store I went, just before closing time. The blonde behind the counter was not impressed but the guy who served me was patient and helpful.

As you can see, only the top has the wrap finish to it. The skirt isn’t wrap style. Syl at work gave me hemming advice so I took 2″ off the hem. For some reason, the lines on the print line up fairly well, and it’s a good style while our weather is trying to cool down.

This week, DH has been on the road for work so I snuck the baby machine downstairs and sewed in front of the telly – woo hoo.

The result was this real wrap dress with short sleeves. I was contemplating not working on it because we had a cold snap last week, and this week we’re back to 25C days, so I finished this dress last night.

What I didn’t realise was how fitted the sleeve was so last night, I cut into the sleeve and cut out a triangle with 12cm in the base and this morning, I added the triangle piece into the sleeve. Why? I didn’t want to unpick the sleeve, because I have two rows of stitching in the sleeve head.
So now the extra sleeve piece has softened the sleeve on a fairly plain grey dress. It was comfortable to wear in the office.
I must admit that wrap skirts are one of my fears – I don’t like it when the wind blows the wrap open. Today the wind did have a go at my dress but there’s plenty of wrap in the skirt so it’s easy to save yourself from embarrassment.
The technical changes of this pattern are on a previous post of my $4 dress.


  1. I like your dress. That pattern is used by so many people and is so flattering to many different body types.
    I have it to make up one day!


  2. The dress is beautiful – you could wear it anywhere. I especially love that patterned knit fabric – it's so difficult to find a great knit. Where did you buy it?


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