Talk about fast…

Last Monday night I went to the Knitwit showing at Artarmon. Today I received my order. That’s fast. The beauty of attending is seeing the larger print fabrics, so you know what you’re buying (and how to use it one day). Wendy’s team do some good work making up garments to take full advantage of the fabric. The danger is the dent in your credit card.

Above are the four pieces that I bought. Every year I notice that every Winter fortfolio, the red fabrics go fast so this time, I bought the two red prints that I can use. The Kwik Sew pattern was a special ‘throw in’ when you have a Stitches mag subscription.

While my right hand (thumb) is healing, I’ve been slowly, adjusting and making up a couple of toiles. Once I make up this skirt toile, there are two other fabric pieces in my stash waiting in line, to be made up. I’ve kept the width adjustments to the larger front and back panels.

Next Saturday the Rhodes group are running a chanel jacket class and this is the pattern that I’m going to take for some expert advise. There where five other chanel jacket patterns that were suggested, so there’s another chanel-type jacket that is still to be cut out and adjusted this week while DH is travelling for work.

And, I’m going to convention at Ballarat this year.


  1. Love your fabrics and I've got that skirt pattern as well.

    That is an interesting Jacket and I can see this on you and will have a better look at it on Saturday.

    Watch out Ballarat here we come LOL.


  2. I will be interested to hear how you enjoy Ballarat. I would love to go to a convention but it won't be this year.
    I went to the Knitwit roadshow in Brisbane and found it useful, as you did, to see the fabrics in a larger format and made up into garments. I didn't buy anything though as I was struck with indecision at the time. I love the fabrics you chose though and look forward to seeing how they are made up.


  3. Wooooooooo…….Ballarat! I've planned the stops along the way for coffee!

    Those prints are gorgeous Maria. The one on the right is a bit Sharon so I'd watch her if I were you…she may want to steal it!


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