Moussaka with Soy milk

When I have vegies that need cooking, and there’s some mince in the freezer, moussaka is a good solution. Stir fries are my first ‘everything vegie’ dish.

I always layer the potatoes first so they cook in the vegie and mince sauce. Then layer is eggplant then zucchini. The layering depends on what you have and the size of your baking dish. This is my little baking dish. I’ve used herbs and cracked pepper on different layers. There’s no cooking at this stage. Traditional recipes call for the layers to be pre-cooked or fried.
This is the mince layer is the second last layer. Ok, if you’re a real vego, use cooked brown rice and drizzle with salsa sauce.
Below is the beginnings of the bechamel sauce. The reason I’ve used soy milk is because DH still is lactose and fructose intolerant, from last year’s salmonella poisoning. The salmonella was something he picked up in Austria last year.

This is a tricky part so if you’re not up for it, don’t bother. I add in the milk in small quantities and guess when I have enough for the baking dish. Use 2T butter and 2T flour, make the roux and then gradually add in the milk.

The oven is 180C and I place the dish on a larger metal tray, in case the sauce overflows while baking.

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