Butterick 6828 sneak peek

Gathers are not my strong point however I love the style lines of this pattern, which is why I chose it when Butterick was our theme for the month.
What you see here is a sneak peek at how this blouse is coming along.✂️

The fabric is a crepe from my stash in a colour I don’t really wear but once this blouse is finished, I’ll definitely wear this blouse with navy jeans.💙

I’d like to eventually make this blouse from a silk or a cotton voile. This version is a size 12 across the shoulders and bust. Size 14 at the waist. So it makes sense that I test out this blouse is a fabric from my stash in a new colour so that once this blouse is complete, I’ll try wearing this blouse with a few key pieces in my wardrobe.

What I like about using this plain colour fabric is that I can make sure the gathers work for me so I can later work on possibly a print fabric that allows me more gathering experience.

Pleats are my thing whereas gathers are a stretch for me but I love this pattern so it’s worth getting more experience sewing with delicate fabrics while learning how to gather better.🧵

I must say, the instructions on this pattern are very clear and easy to follow. Don’t rush this pattern. Enjoy what you sew.

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