Butterick 6551 lace

This is version #2 using an embroidered fabric on the outside and a cotton lemon tablecloth for the underlayer. The armhole binding just so happened to match the tablecloth fabric I’ve used to make this version with the adjustments on the shoulder seams.😍

This beauty of this patter is that it has 2 hem lengths and 2 neckline variations. There is a back yoke and dah dah dah – no buttons or zippers required.

I used the collar neckline and the hem length that suits my height. Yes, 12cm was taken out of the original dress length.
This version reinforces my advice that Butterick 6551 is a brilliant dress to have in your Spring/Summer collection.
Again I used the Medium size and View A hem.

I have a C cup and for the first version I wore a minimal padded bra and the bust darts were fine.🤓

On this version I lowered the neckline to Xsmall and it sits much better on my. Not so high as the designed neckline is.
On the pattern I’ve since added about 6 cm to the shoulder seams on the front bodice and the back yoke. Just for my own comfort I’ve also added 2 cm to the back width where the back yoke meets the back bodice.

These are all pretty small adjustments but they make me more likely to wear this dress again. I’ll also add this dress to those times I decide to go on vacation where it’s likely to be very warm. I’ve actually worn this dress 3 times since I made it.
This fabric is very stiff so I used a flat folds on the back yoke.

I made square pockets that were big enough to fit my iphone, hence my love of wearing this dress.

Since wearing this dress lately, I’ll be wearing version #1 again as it’s very flowy and super comfy to wear. The next version is an absolutely fun on with a different neckline. Check it out. 😍

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