Butterick 6551 test dress

This pattern is a Fast and Easy pattern. I chose to work on this pattern for the Butterick promotion and our mail system let me down but I’ve gone ahead and tested this pattern like no one’s business.🤓

Let me tell you why.

This pattern has 2 hem styles and 2 neckline variations. There is a back yoke and dah dah dah – no buttons or zippers required.

Seriously I’m always keen to try a dress pattern that works well in hot, humid conditions. I’m also keen to try patterns that allow me to use flowy fabrics like viscose, cotton blends or that special linen blend.

The other reason is that I want to have a forgiving dress or top pattern that isn’t too full or too wide. I’m short so I can’t really wear gathered skirts without looking or feeling a bit out of sorts.
Butterick 6551 is a brilliant dress to have in your Spring/Summer collection.😍

What did I do to make this pattern work for me?

Well for starters I used the Medium size and View A hem. Hems are not my strong point. They really aren’t. As you can see on this pattern, I’ve shortened the dress by 12 cms. Hand on heart, that’s how short I am to the way this pattern is designed.

I have a C cup and for the first version I wore a minimal padded bra and the bust darts were fine.

Now one aspect I find is that necklines tend to be way to high for my body. On this pattern I used Medium size but the front neckline is Xsmall as this is lower. Not by much but enough to have the neckline sit comfortably on me.

When you look at the line drawing, the shoulders seams are cut away from the shoulder point. On the first version of this pattern I should have checked the shoulder seams a bit closer. When I wore the finished dress, it’s really obvious I’ll need to wear a cross back bra with this dress.

On the pattern I’ve since added about 4 cm to the shoulder seams on the front bodice and the back yoke. Just for my own comfort I’ve also added 2 cm to the back width where the back yoke meets the back bodice.

These are all pretty small adjustments to do but they make me more likely to wear this dress again. I’ll also add this dress to those times I decide to go on vacation where it’s likely to be very warm.

Lucky for me the test fabric is a medium crepe delustered print from someone’s stash. Print matching wasn’t an option. What this fabric allowed me to do was to add the gathers at the centre back at the yoke. I like using the gathers for this fabric with a wee bit of drape.

In the next post about this pattern, you’ll see how I’ve used these adjustments and then just for kicks, used an embroidered fabric, added lining and a couple of pockets.

Again because I wanted to try this simple style with fabric that I have wanted to use for many years and also add some handy pockets.

Have a look at the next version to see how version #2 worked out.
I have another Butterick top pattern and some great fabrics to work through… coming shortly.😊

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