March Happy mail day

Both of these Butterick patterns would be awesome paired with either Butterick 6551 or Butterick 6828 depending on you style and taste.

Based on how it’s still hot and humid here in Australia, I may decide to sew Butterick 6551 View A.
Based on my height, I may just be able to finagle this fast and easy dress with a few adjustments and making sure the hem is above the knee.

I’ve very lucky that I’ve been able to use a few Minerva exclusive viscose prints since they were launched last year. The colours in Botanic Bower are really fun to wear.

Now I’ve used Minerva Exclusive Viscose Challis fabrics for travel in hot and cold climates and I can say, these are easy fabrics to wear for any occasion.

What do you think I’ll make using these fabrics?

The black fabric in the bundle that arrived in the mail today is one of Minerva’s Core Range Poly Cotton Gabardine Twill Fabric Black. Any suggestions about how I should use this? Because I’ve made trousers, there maybe trousers in my future or a light weight coat for when it gets cooler here.

I hope you’ll stick around to find out.

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