Simplicity 2154

Sweater knits are so easy to wear and sew with. They’re also easy to wash with little ironing needed. If you’re new to sewing, sweater knits don’t need seam finishes.

Simplicity 2154 has a knit designed jacket. I’ve been wanting to make this jacket for a while. It’s very 60s and when you pair this with a ‘pencil’ skirt’ it really gives a classic suit vibe without the stiffness you get when you see this type of suit.

Admittedly it’s hot in Australia but there are always times when you need a warm layer for cool nights or when you’re in air-conditioned buildings.

As this is a really easy pattern to make, I cut out the jacket and made it in about 3 hours. The skirt is ‘self drafted’. Essentially, I took my widest hip measurement. Then added enough room for sitting – say add another 8cm in width. The elastic is wide so I ensured I had enough room at the top of this skirt to encase the elastic. For the hem, I made sure there was 6 cm hem because this is a medium weight sweater knit.

Always take your measurements twice so you only need to cut once. I’ll show you some internal details in the next post so you can see how easy this sweater knit can be made into a comfy suit or 60s twin set.

I’ve added the expressive butterfly print top so you can see how easy it is to wear prints together. This is one of 2 tops I’ve used the expressive butterfly print with Vogue 8118. I have a long sleeve version and now a Summer version with butterfly sleeves.

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