Simplicity 8909

Viscose challis is the perfect fabric choice for Summer in Australia. This Minerva Exclusive Elephant Grove viscose challis is perfect using Simplicity 8909.

Simplicity 8909 has 3 types of raglan sleeve styles to choose from or a simple halter style version. Let’s focus on this dress. I love View C for the pretty short sleeve style.

The raglan sleeve on this pattern has a front and back sleeve piece. The sleeve hem for View C is curved like a petal sleeve without the fuss of a 2 part petal sleeve. The sleeve hem gives the petal shaping. I love how easy this is to sew.

This fabric is really easy to wear, wash and sew with. Viscose is easy to manipulate as you sew with it. Ironing this fabric allows you to press the hems before and after you’ve sewn them for a very crisp look.

For those of you who are into the detail, have a close look at this print. There are pinks and blues in this print, there really are. This gives you the option to pair this print with so many colours and either dress it up or not.

Simplicity only needs a button at the neckline for the closure. This pattern is so easy to make and wear as a dress option. In my next post you’ll see how I’ve used this print for a top option.

In effect, by using this pattern has a top, you have 8 options from just 1 pattern. I’ll be using this pattern again next year when the weather cools so I can try the long sleeve version of this pattern.

Right now, all I need is the waist tie to give this dress a bit of definition while my waist has thickened.

Having clothes that fit and look amazing in great prints makes this dress another go-to when I’m meeting with friends and family right now. This is such a comfortable fabric to wear in these Summer months and this print makes me feel like I’m wearing a gorgeous dress.

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