Simplicity 1357

Two years ago I used this fabric for a Betty Draper type dress. I used the grey on white calico fabric. From that experience I knew getting the opportunity to use this fabric again was really fortunate on my part being a Minerva Brand Ambassador.
This time I’ve used Simplicity 1357 to make a new Summer dress for the festive season. It gets very warm and humid here so this calico base fabric makes this dress brilliant for the season ahead.

Using this 60s style means I can dress up for any occasion and not feel restricted when I wear this style.
This fabric is 100% cotton and holds its shape well. This aspect of this fabric makes this style work so well. I love the colour choices in this range. You can use these specifically for Christmas or for any other occasion.🎄

When I initially made this dress I didn’t add the pockets or the really neat daisy lace on the neckline. Granted this dress was great to wear all day but it just needed something more.

Then the fun began placing the pockets, which wasn’t hard to do. I do love matching stripes. I had enough remnant of this fabric to make sure these stripes line up perfectly.
Then it was on to diving into my stash of trims and I found this white daisy lace. Perfect to make this dress still 60s and Summer filled with joy.

A simple three-thread overlock stitch is all this fabric needs to neaten the seam edges.

The neckline and armholes are finished with satin bias binding. I had a beige satin bias binding in my stash so finishing off these areas took very little time but lots of ironing and trimming the seam edges.

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