Floral Vogue 1387

Since making Vogue 1387 using Minerva’s Core Range Charmeuse Slinky Fabric, I had to make this blouse again. It does fit but I realised the blouse length is a wee bit long.

Love wearing this blouse with jeans and heels.

We’re in the middle of Winter here so I was just fine with how long this blouse is. I may make it again as a dress length, now that Minerva has many new core soft fabrics.

I bought this fabric in Melbourne and the buttons were from a local reseller of fabrics and notions. At the store I was able to get a couple of strips of pink crepe for the base of the front yoke. The yoke strips are supposed to be cut on the bias. This fabric was cut on grain and the fabric was still easy to work with during the construction process.

As with the first slinky fabric, I took my time sewing this version because crepe has a mind of its own and needs your full attention. This fabric did shrink, as I was advised at the store so having that information was really helpful.

Print placement is a must with this fabric. I made sure the large flowers were above the bust and also made sure the blue flowers were on the front yoke pieces. Most sewing geeks would appreciate that knowledge.

The pink buttons were the right pink to match the pink flowers on this print. I used basic white shirt buttons for the sleeve cuffs. I’m getting better at sewing sleeve plackets now.

back view

When I wore this shirt for the first time, there were big flowers at the centre front hem, so I cut them off and finished the hem. Looking at the back of this shirt, I’ll raise the back hem as well so the shirt proportions match my height.

Again in the collar and for the facings, I used a light weight black iron on interfacing.

All the markings were done using a white chalk marker.

As with the first shirt I used fine pins for this fabric ie my Love Prym pins and a Microtex sewing needle.

Every seam was pressed at each step of construction.

When I do make this blouse into a soft shirt dress, I’ll add another 40cm and straighten the hem. This style would also be great as a sleeveless dress for the Summer months ahead. My style is all about comfort now.

seated view

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