Slinky blouse

Vogue 1387 has been in my pattern stash for many years and Minerva’s Core Range Charmeuse Slinky Fabric is the perfect partner for this blouse.

Slinky blouse using Vogue 1387

In the previous post I added some sewing ideas to make sewing this slinky fabric. This fabric is very slinky and once you understand that property, this is a brilliant fabric to work with.

As I also mentioned, don’t rush sewing with this slinky fabric. Sewing this fabric will take so much longer. I had to sew this blouse over a week. A bit each week so I could enjoy the success of each construction step.

Yes I’ve been sewing all my life. I have a better appreciation for working with the strengths each fabric and also recognising when I’m about to make a mistake. You know when you’ve been sewing for hours and your attention starts to wane?

Cutting out this fabric was done on the carpet. This helped me control the pattern pinning and cutting out each piece.

I must say I’m sure I’ve used the right and wrong sides inconsistently on this blouse. That’s why I chose this dark navy colour. I think if you’re a sewing nerd like me, you can spot the difference but really this colour is fantastic.

I say that because this fabric is brilliant to wear at night or during the day. My favourite blue jeans pairs really well with this fabric.

Stepping out for a casual night out

As I mentioned, I can wear this blouse to dinner or during the day.

This fabric washes well and dries fast. The colour is fast and there was no fabric shrinkage that I could tell and I’ve worn this blouse a few times now.

One of the beauties of this fabric is you can choose to finish the seams with a three-thread overlocker or French seams. I chose a combination of the two techniques.

Back view

In the collar and for the facings, I used a light weight black iron on interfacing. I could have chosen a heavy weight interfacing for the collar but the collar didn’t need to ‘stand’ so a light weight interfacing is all I needed.

One of my challenges was marking the fabric. I used a white chalk marker to ensure the sleeve plackets were accurate.

On the front of Vogue 1387 is a curved piping type of detailing. This is a bit tricky but I’ve since made a second version and I think I’ve nailed it. If this detail seems tricky, replace the piping and front facings and only use 2 layers of the front facing. You’ll be right.

Use fine pins for this fabric. I use my Love Prym pins. Use Microtex sewing needles

I have a brilliant white light on my sewing table and I encourage you to use one if you’re working with this fabric at night.

Seated view

Definitely press every seam and if you need to resew a seam, have good lighting so you don’t pull out thread from the fabric.

There is a huge range of fabrics colours to choose from. I took this opportunity to start developing my slinky fabric sewing skills. The effort is worth it.

This blouse is very versatile to wear and easy to fit because it is a loose style and you only need to get a good upper body fit.

I found these dark mottle blue buttons locally and they are perfect for this blouse. The colour and shine of both this fabric and the buttons work together like 2 peas in a pod.

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