Melbourne frocktail dress

I love a good little black dress to get me through any special event. This black brocade is a classic that Minerva has listed as a deadstock item and I’ve been admiring it from a far for a while now.

Now that I have an event to wear it to, my version using this brocade is a cotton lined dress and I’m tossing up if it should have sleeves or not. Hence using organza fabric for the sleeves. Long sleeve with some kind of cuffs.

The flowers are quite stunning so I didn’t worry about matching the flowers on this dress. I just want to wear it and enjoy myself, with sewing friends again.

Oh and my shape has changed so I’m super careful with the bodice darts but I really love this style so I’m making the size 14 with a few changes to the darts.
Just because my shape has changed really means I have to go up a size or two. My shape adjustments are slightly different but I still have forward shoulders and need room for my derriere.

I did a quick fit check and I’ll still shape the side seam in from the hips to the hem for a wee bit of shaping.
I have a bit more fabric that I can create a pencil skirt in the under side of the fabric.
I cut the dress using the black side of the fabric but I must warn you, you can use either side and create a stunning garment.

More soon with good photos to enjoy.

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